CoPilot Tip: How to Update Your Safety Cameras

One of our CoPilot Premium apps features is the regular FREE safety camera* update and our Premium apps come with pre-installed database of thousands of safety camera locations. We have recently released another free safety camera update – if you have not updated your safety cameras yet, here is how to do it:

Downloading the latest safety camera update

1. Go to MyCoPilot > News & Updates

2. Select the Safety Cameras database update update and tap install to download it.


Customizing safety camera alerts

To customise how CoPilot warns you about safety cameras, go to Settings > Safety Cameras.

To enable safety camera warnings, tap Display Safety Camera Alerts to receive on-screen and spoken safety camera warnings.

To change the warning distance,  you can set easily how close to a safety camera location you want to be warned.

*Available in Western Europe, Brazil, Southern Africa and Australia only. Safety camera locations are not available in Switzerland or France. Customers are advised to deactivate camera warnings completely when travelling in Switzerland or France to comply with local legislation.

For more information, please refer to our user guide.

Safe Travels!

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