CoPilot Insider Tip: How to See Only Relevant POIs?

POIs are great. But seeing all icons on the map while driving can be quite distracting. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually see ONLY petrol stations while you are driving or ONLY nearest parking in the city centre? Well good news is –with CoPilot you can.

Step by step instructions:

1. Go to Settings and select map display

poi-copilot2. Select “Show POIs on Map”

copilot-gps3. Set POIs on maps to “Always” and tap “Currently displayed POIS”

copilot-satnav4. Select POIs you wish to see, for example “Petrol station” or “Parking”

copilot-parking5. Enjoy – you can now see the POIs you want while you drive and find easily the nearest petrol station on the route or parking in the city.


So, next time you travel you can worry a little bit less. As you are able to see petrol stations on your route while you drive, you can be sure to find one near-by when your petrol starts running low … and if your children need a toilet break – again – you can easily see where the nearest station is. On the other hand, if you are driving in the city, with “Parking” enabled you’ll park your car in no time.

Useful? Yes. Safer? Definitely.  With this setting you can see relevant POIs without playing with the device screen or getting distracted while trying to look out for sign.

We hope you liked our little insider tip. We wish you a great start for year 2014!

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