Surf the Roads with CoPilot: Part II

Looking for a sun and sand getaway this summer? Check out the second half of our picks for the top ten beaches in the U.S. and see how CoPilot can help you surf the roads.  Navigate to specific coordinates! Take advantage of our Offline Maps! CoPilot has you covered.



Kalaloch Beach, Washingston


Located within Olympic National Park, Kalaloch is one of the most visited areas within the park. Known for its vast marine life protected by three national wildlife refuges, it’s the perfect place to go camping, hiking, or bird watching! Western gulls, bald eagles, and other coastal birds can be spotted along the southern coast.

Malaquite Beach, Texas


Located on Padre Island, which is the longest stretch of underdeveloped barrier island in the world, Malaquite beach sits on the Gulf of Mexico. Known for its rich history, the beach got its name from the Malaquitas Indian tribe (one of the four tribes associated with Padre Island). Another amazing feature this beach has to offer is their turtle release! There are a number of turtle releases throughout the months of June and July. Definitely work checking out!

Cape Arago State Park, Oregon


Does the huge rock in the picture look familiar? Well, the 1985 movie the Goonies took place in Astoria, Oregon which is about 5 hours up the coast from this national state park! Plan your Gonnies adventure! Cape Arago State Park is home to many adventures including: whale watching, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and even a secluded cove where tide pools and fossils can be found.

Cape May, New Jersey

new jersey

Cape May beaches are the gem of Jersey! Vastly different from what has been depicted on the Reality TV Show the Jersey Shore; it is a classic beach town with a lot of history. Check out Sunset beach and see the concrete ship the USS Atlantis, which is visible from shore but sinks more and more each year. In the mood to find some treasure? You can find the famous Cape May diamonds (shiny quartz stones) on this beach as well!

Twelvemile Beach, Michigan


Twelvemile Beach is a northern paradise when it comes to fishing, beachcombing, and camping! Located on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, it’s known for its incredible natural wonders such as: the 300-foot high Grand Sable Dunes and chromatic sandstone cliffs. Rent a lakeside cabin and enjoy the beauties that the wilderness has to offer!

You are on vacation, let CoPilot help you relax and take the stress out of getting there!


Going to a National or State Park and all they provide are just coordinates or you just want to keep the location secret so the kids won’t figure out the surprise destination while they are looking over your shoulder? Try using the Coordinates navigation option in the Go To menu.


coordinates1 coordinates2


Offline Maps:

The great thing about the beach is that you are away from work, and civilization.  Some remote beaches may even be out of cell phone range. No Problem with CoPilot!  CoPilot maps are loaded on your phone and can be browsed without service.   It’s like having an old-fashion gas-station folding map right on your phone.  Unlike other map apps, that constantly chew up your precious data, CoPilot maps can be accessed without taking a big chunk of your monthly data.


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