Top 5 Road Trip Apps To Use With CoPilot

We know you can’t always be the driver and with CoPilot navigating, you don’t have much else to worry about in the passenger seat.

So what can you do to make the road trip more enjoyable and keep your driver entertained?


Here’s some of the best apps to help pass the time on the road.


Spotify (FREE) Make playlists and enjoy full albums on the fly with Spotify’s extensive music library. Subscription required for Premium services.

TVFoodMaps (FREE) Big fan of foodie shows? Check out what around you has been on popular shows like “Best Thing I Ever Ate” or “Man vs. Food.”

TriviaCrack (FREE) Challenge friends and randoms to the ultimate general knowledge competition with questions from Science, Entertainment, History, Geography, Sports and Art.

Audible (FREE) Subscription required. Not really into music? Get swept up in a story with an audiobook that you and the driver can experience together.

Roadside America ($2.99)  Created by America’s foremost experts in roadside attractions and oddities, you’ll get to off-the-beaten path attractions like Carhenge.