Helpful Hint: ActiveRoutes Shows Your Best Way To Go

Whether you’re traveling on roads you know – or some you don’t – one thing is for sure: you don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

Powered by INRIX, our new ActiveRoutes feature will select the best route for you based on actual road speeds.

So if you’re used to taking highway 55 every morning at 8am but you’re running late and won’t get to that road until 9:30am, historically there could be slower traffic at that specific time. ActiveRoutes will actively (see what we did there?) route you to your destination faster by choosing a different way.

To select ActiveRoutes as your preferred routing method, go to Route menu and select Vehicle Preferences



ActiveRoutes  requires a subscription to our ActiveTraffic service. We offer you 12 months free ActiveTraffic when you purchase CoPilot Premium.

If your subscription has expired and you need to purchase ActiveTraffic, go to Settings > ActiveTraffic and select Buy Now.

activetraffic buy


Safe – and traffic free – travels!

Team CoPilot