Helpful Hint: Trip Optimization

If you’re looking to hit the road with multiple destinations, CoPilot’s Trip Optimization feature will help you save time and money no matter how many stops you have.

trip optimize 4

The Trip Optimization feature allows you to plan for 20 different stops which is especially helpful if you’ve volunteered to chauffer your friends to college open houses this weekend.

To add stops  go to Menu > Plan or Edit Trip > Add Stop

trip optimize 2


Repeat this until all your stops have been added. Once all your stops are loaded, you can optimize to find the best route by tapping Options > Optimize Stops .

trip optimize


CoPilot will pick the most optimal route, but don’t worry, if you’ve got to pick up Jen first because Mary is notoriously always running late, you can change the order. Simply tap on the arrows to move a stop up or down.

trip optimize stops

For more information, check out our video demonstration:

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