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Summer of Sport – Rio 2016

Do you remember the fantastic 2012 Summer Olympics in London? Continue the spirit and get ready for the highlight of this year’s Summer of Sport: The 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Watch the games with your friends and family, at the bar, at someone’s house or – lucky you! – at site in Rio. Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot so you won’t get lost on your way to your friend’s Olympics party or – if you’re in Brazil – in Rio’s traffic.

Photo 02-08-2016, 11 14 01  Photo 02-08-2016, 11 14 22

Find out our Top 5 event picks and venues here:

  1. Opening Ceremony – 5th August – Maracanã Stadium, Rio
  2. Swimming – 50m Freestyle – 12th August – Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Rio
  3. Athletics – 100m Sprint – 14th August – Olympic Stadium, Rio
  4. Gymnastics – Floor – 16th August – Rio Olympic Arena, Rio
  5. Football – Men’s Finale – 20th August – Maracanã Stadium, Rio

CapturePS: Get CoPilot Brazil from Google Play and iOS so you will find your way to all venues.

Click here for more information on schedules and venues

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CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series: Part 3

Last week you heard about our guest blogger Heath Padgett and his podcast-The RV Entrepreneur. Heath and his wife took CoPilot RV on a trip…check out the second part of this series and see below for the last part of our guest blogger series with Heath:

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using CoPilot RV Navigation This Summer

My wife and I are currently planning out our summer road trip in our RV. This summer we’ll make our way from Texas all the way up to Canada, through the Rocky Mountains and Glacier National Park. I couldn’t be more excited to get out of the summer heat and go hang out in some mountains.

That being said, the one thing we’ve made sure to take care of before leaving is having a solid navigation app while driving our rig. It’s one thing to get lost in a place you’re unfamiliar with, but it’s another thing entirely to get lost in a foreign place while also driving a 33 ft home on wheels.

For this summer, I highly recommend you download the new CoPilot RV navigation app if you’re planning on driving your RV cross country.

Here are a few reasons why you should probably make that happen… like, right now.

  1. You don’t want this to happen. Yes, this happens to people. But it should never have to happen to you. In the CoPilot RV app you can enter your height and other dimensions so you don’t turn your RV into a (1)
  1. You can plan the most epic trip of all time with over 50 stops in the app. Grand Canyon? Yep. Yellowstone National Park? Yep. Okay, you get the point.


  1. You want to get there fast, but not on a road that looks like this. Since this app is designed for rvs, you don’t have to worry about it taking you down sketchy back roads (where no RV should ever have to go).

post 3

  1. Sometimes when you’re out adventuring you get into places with zero cell service. Most navigation apps run off data. Inside the CoPilot RV app you can download all your maps so you never lose reception… like a 4
  2. You can easily find RV parks and places to camp inside the app. While cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway this summer in your RV you can easily pinpoint RV parks en route to Disneyland. post 5
  3. Everyone wants a happy marriage. Let’s be honest. When the GPS goes haywire, so does everyone else in the RV. I can honestly say that our biggest source of conflict has come from getting lost and having to U-turn our RV in random places across America. Do yourself a favor and download this app before hitting the road this summer so you can enjoy the trip without getting lost or kicked out of the RV (talking to you, husbands).

post 6


Personally, one of my favorite features about the new app by CoPilot is the fact that I can download all of my maps to my phone and not use cellular data. Why? I’m a millennial and cell phone data is like gold to me, that’s why. Plus, when you’re visiting national parks or remote areas where cell signal is weak or nonexistent, you’re going to want a GPS you can rely on.


Download the CoPilot RV Navigation app before you hit the road this summer. It will help you avoid sketchy back roads, getting lost, and potentially fighting with your spouse.

Get it today for 30 % off!

(limited time offer)

googleplay 2016appstore


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CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series: Part 2

Last week you heard about our guest blogger Heath Padgett and his podcast-The RV Entrepreneur. Heath and his wife took CoPilot RV on a trip…check out the first part of this series:

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Good GPS While RVing

But did they ever make it to their destination? Heath continues his journey below: 

pic 2 guest blog post RV

We eventually made it to Project Dojo Martial Arts for my first job, but not after thoroughly stressing each other out and causing multiple arguments.

I wish I could tell you that in two years of living and traveling full-time in an RV that this was one of our only arguments over the GPS, but that would be a big fat lie. I would calculate that approximately 63% of our first-year marriage arguments were GPS related.

This is what happens when you don’t have a good GPS.

Do yourself a favor. Before hitting the road in your RV this summer, download the CoPilot RV Navigation App and decrease marriage arguments by 63% (obviously this is a made up stat).

But in all seriousness, RV roadtrips are bound to already have plenty of stressful moments, but the GPS doesn’t have to be one of them.


Travel More, Travel Better

CoPilot RV’s powerful route planner allows you to plan a trip of a lifetime with up to 50 stops, automatically calculating the best route. This helps prevent stressful wayward journeys, kind of like what Heath and his wife went through before using CoPilot.

Keep your focus on your adventure as you hit the road with confidence, knowing that CoPilot will keep you out of trouble and heading in the right direction.

Get it today for 20% off-limited time offer! 



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CoPilot Milestones

CoPilot Milestones

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CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series- Part 1

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Good GPS While RVing…

One of the best things about launching an awesome new RV Navigation app is partnering up with people who are doing cool things…like Heath Padgett and his podcast-The RV Entrepreneur.

Check out his CoPilot RV story below:

My wife and I have lived in an RV for two years. We’ve driven well over 40,000 miles and visited all 50 states (we flew to Hawaii, drove to Alaska). I can say that without a doubt, one of the most important factors for mine and my wife’s sanity (and happiness) while RVing is having a great GPS system.

To illustrate just how important having a GPS is, I’m going to walk you through a situation that unfolded during the first week that we were full-time RVing.

Quick backstory: During our first year of marriage, my wife Alyssa and I filmed a documentary called Hourly America where I worked a different job in all 50 states.

We were in Albuquerque, NM and we were on our way to my first job at a place called Project Dojo Martial Arts.

pic 1 guest blog post RV

Alyssa was navigating me from her phone’s GPS.

“You’re getting on the freeway, you’re supposed to be on that road right there.” She pointed to the road on the left.

“Cool,” I responded.

pic 2 guest blog post RV

“Can you even see me in the camera?” I asked. Alyssa mounted our GoPro on the dashboard and I thought it was pointed more at her than it was at me (I should have just kept my mouth shut).

Alyssa gave me a I-know-you’re-wrong-and-it-isn’t-my-fault-look. I didn’t see it at the time and just kept running my mouth.

pic 3 guest blog post RV

“Ah crap,” I said after exiting the highway and turning left to get heading back in the right direction. “That was my entrance ramp. Let me just pull a u-turn,”

“He is going to wreck this RV,” Alyssa mouthed to the camera.

pic 4 guest blog post RV

U-Turn #1

pic 5 guest blog post RV

“I typed in Project Dojo on the GPS, and it’s taking us to Los Angeles now,” Alyssa said to me.

“But we’re in Albuquerque?” I asked.

pic 6 guest blog post RV

U-turn #2

pic 7 guest blog post RV

U-turn #3, made 30 seconds after U-turn #2, as Google Maps directed us.

After 3 U-turns and being redirected to Los Angeles, do you think Heath and his wife eventually made it to their destination? Stay tuned for more of the CoPilot RV Guest Blogger Summer Series and find out how Heath’s trip ended.

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The 10 Best Summer Songs to Sing Along to

funny-gif-happy-baby-carFinally summer has arrived and it’s time to get out of the house. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than going somewhere nice and having a little sing-a-long in the car driving there?

Here are your top 10 picks for 2016 summer songs. Make your drives more fun and get ready to sing along:

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Driving in Brazil

Get ready for the highlight of this year’s Summer of Sport: The 2016 Olympics in Rio. Prepare for your drive in Brazil. Here is our guide:

Driving in Brazil - USEN

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CoPilot Hacks Part #1

The sun is starting to shine and traveling season is upon us. Whether you’re planning a long trip or just a weekend getaway, make the most of your CoPilot navigation app this Summer with these ‘CoPilot Hacks’. And the best news is: If you don’t have a CoPilot app yet or if you want to upgrade in CoPilot GPS, you now get 20% off for a limited time only. Check out our offers here >

Download the CoPilot App That’s Right for You

Because we know that everyone is different and want you to have the best experience possible, you may have noticed that there are quite a few different versions of CoPilot on the app stores. Whether you’re traveling home or on vacation, you’re an RV or a truck driver, quickly compare the different benefits of each app and which application best suits your needs on our CoPilot Compare page >

Avoid Data Consumption

CoPilot’s high quality maps are offline, so they work perfectly without an internet connection. To avoid accidentally using up your mobile data when using CoPilot in spotty areas, make sure you’ve switched off your mobile data in your settings.

output_PSOlIS (1)

Enjoy your travels without being constantly connected to the world for once. You’ll be able to fully enjoy that well-deserved break and save money at the same time.

Download Your Maps Before You Go

When you arrive in an airport you don’t want to hang around trying to find a WiFi spot or to use your cellular data. We recommend that you download all maps you may need before you leave. Use WiFi to download your maps in the quickest and most data-efficient way, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the road ahead before you leave.nmaps

Organize Your Favorites

If you’re regularly going to the same places or if you’re planning any trips in advance, make use of your favorites list – it can really save time and effort. You don’t want to be putting in the same address information all the time or spending your precious vacation time searching for destinations. One particularly helpful feature is setting your Home and Work addresses for easy commuting. Simply save, click and go!



If you have any other clever CoPilot tips and tricks, please do share them with the community in the comments below.

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iOS 10 unveiled


Yesterday Apple announced iOS 10 at their developer keynote. The new OS packs new features and facelifts of existing apps. Here are our favorites:

Messages gets a huge makeover with lots of new features – a new instant emojification feature which will change the relevant words to emojis, bubble effects like smaller and larger text, balloons and fireworks, stickers. Competitor apps such as Facebook’s Messenger, Line and WhatsApp have had these features for a while so Apple’s playing a bit of catchup here.

Redesigned Lock Screen with 3D touch and a “clear all notifications” button.

Siri is being opened up to developers which means you’ll be able to say ‘Hey Siri – send a Whatsapp message to Fred and tell him I’m on my way’. A handful of apps including Slack, Uber and Skype are confirmed already to support this.

Photos gets a big upgrade with automatic grouping of similar photos. There’s also a new ‘Memories’ feature which will automatically generate videos combining your photos and video clips and sync it with music.

Apple Music gets a facelift with de-cluttered design and better visualisation of cover art and song lyrics.

Phone now has the ability to convert your voicemail to text. A new API is available which could alert you of possible spam calls and warn you before you pick up. VoIP apps like Skype can also now have full screen calling notifications – just like the default Phone app has.

… and finally – you can now uninstall some of the stock Apple apps. Time to delete that Stocks app you’ve only ever opened once!

iOS 10 will be available as a public beta from next month, and available to everyone as a free download from Fall. All devices which can run iOS 9 can upgrade with exception of iPhone 4S.

Learn more at:

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6 Best Countries to Travel to on a Budget

The temperatures are rising – at least for some lucky people in North America – so it’s time to put your winter clothes in a box, dust off your sunglasses and discover new places. If you are on a budget but you don’t want to miss out on traveling, check out this handy guide on when to book flights and the following list of budget destinations. Before you take off, don’t forget to download your maps in CoPilot so you don’t need any cellular network to drive, bike or walk in another country. Here are our top picks:


Croatia has been coming to recent (Internet-)fame with several Game of Thrones filming locations set in the country. However, for many sun-worshippers the country has been a travel favorite for years. Old cobble-stoned cities, beautiful beaches and delicious food can rival many destinations in countries like Spain, Italy and Portugal. And all of this for a wallet-friendly price. What’s not to like? Tip: Hire a rental car and discover the breathtaking nature in Plitvice Lakes National Park.



Once you have the flight costs to Thailand covered, food and accommodation won’t cost you much. Whether you want to go island-hopping in southern Thailand, experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok or visit the quieter sights of northern Thailand, the country offers something for everyone. Tip: Learn how to cook a real Thai curry in Bangkok.


Iceland is for those of us who want to escape the heat (a minority position, but still…). The country usually has a reputation for being on the pricier side of things, but budget flights to Reykjavík from the biggest airports put this destination back on the map. Tip: Drive into the highlands for the most spectacular nature sights.



Are you looking for a beach holiday to take the kids? The “Bulgarian Riviera” boasts golden beaches and a mild climate making it a perfect spring or summer escape for any budget-conscious family. Tip: Take a day trip to Balchik, a small sea-side town with an old castle.



It is possible to visit Greece on a budget and still enjoy world-famous sights. Head to the island of Crete in September or October after the high summer travel season is over to take advantage of cheaper flight/hotel prices and quieter beaches. Since Crete is one of the southern-most islands of Greece, the air and sea temperatures stay high even in fall. Tip: If you’re a history buff, head to Knossos near Heraklion, supposedly Europe’s oldest city.



Visit Hungary’s capital Budapest for beautiful monuments, crazy nightlife and trendy cafes. Cheap prizes for airfare, hotels and food allow for a city trip on a shoestring. Tip: Drive to Gödöllő and visit the impressive baroque castle.

If you are not sure which maps you can get with CoPilot, check out our map coverage page. Happy travels!

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