CoPilot update brings ‘just drive’ mode, mobile data controls and updated maps


Dear CoPilot’ers, we are excited to announce our latest CoPilot update for Android and iOS. As ever, our dev team has been working tirelessly to bring you more improvements, fixes and some great new features. PLUS customers in Europe and North America get free updated maps too!

The CoPilot update is available immediately for Android as a free update for existing users through Google Play and will be available for iOS users shortly.

Important information for iOS users

What is new in this update? Plenty!

  • NEW: connection settings with an offline switch. We know that many of you are worried about the costs of using mobile data abroad .. and even at home , and so now we’ve added a new settings menu that put you in complete control of how, when and why CoPilot can connect to the mobile web. You can even switch-off all connected features for true offline use and peace of mind.copilot-data-settings-iphone4_UK
  • NEW: Just Drive mode. As many of you have repeatedly told us, you don’t always need turn by turn directions and voice guidance when driving, particularly when you already know the route. However you told us that you do still like to use CoPilot in map-only mode to help keep your bearings and receive warnings about speed cameras and speed limits. So we’ve developed a new map-only mode that does exactly that. Just Drive mode removes the ‘add destination button’  to give you a larger map view, adds a new on-screen compass and yet still provides you with the alerts and local info that you’ll be familiar with from our turn by turn modes.
  • Closed road warnings come to ActiveTraffic™. If our traffic feed says there is a closed road on your route, CoPilot will display a pop-up screen to warn you. You can then choose an alternative route or – if you wish – ignore the warning.
  • Automatic Cloud Backup: another popular request, CoPilot can now automatically backup your settings, favourites and recent destinations for easy restore if you need to reinstall the app or move to a new phone. It’s one less thing for you to remember.
  • Swiftkey v3 support for Android: we love Swiftkey’s Android keyboard, and we know we are not alone: it’s one of the most popular apps on Google Play globally. However we’ve run in to  compatibility problems since Swiftkey launched v3 which has made it difficult to add certain characters into CoPilot. It’s fixed now.
  • Other Fixes: we’ve made a number of under the hood improvements throughout the app, in particular to tunnel mode to make it more reliable.

We hope you like our latest update. Thank you to all of you who have sent us essential feedback, reported issues and shared great ideas with us! We will keep on improving the app and would appreciate it if is your could drop us a line in our user forum if you spot something or think we could improve in some aspects: .

We hope you enjoy the summer to the max (assuming the weather improves!)

Happy travels from team CoPilot.

Heading away for the holidays? Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot

satnav-offline-iphoneThe summer’s approaching, the May bank holidays are here at last and many of us are planning to head abroad. While you are packing your essential holiday gear, make sure you’ve taken the time to download the maps you’ll need into CoPilot … and don’t forget your car charger.

 You probably won’t need reminding to be careful about data roaming when abroad. Despite European laws introduced last summer forcing mobile operators to reduce the cost of using mobile internet in other countries, data roaming bills can still be rather scary.

 Based on the results of research we’ve just conducted with YouGov, nearly half of UK smartphone owners (42%) are worried about international mobile internet charges, and two out of three Brits go offline completely by turning data roaming off when they leave the country.

 Luckily as a CoPilot owner, you won’t have to worry about being left without directions. All the maps you need are stored on-board your phone or tablet for offline use, so you can continue get turn-by-turn guidance without worrying about the cost. That leaves you to enjoy your foreign driving and maybe use the money you’ve saved on something more worthwhile.

 Interestingly, the survey also reveals that data usage is not just a problem when abroad. Nearly a third of UK smartphone users (31%) have reached their domestic mobile data allowance on at least one occasion during the last 12 months. With our smartphones consuming ever increasing amounts of data for  daily-used services such as maps, mobile web and social media feeds; mobile internet access cannot be taken for granted even when at home. So even if you aren’t leaving the UK and enjoying a ‘staycation’ CoPilot can help you avoid excessive mobile data charges.

 Happy travels, wherever you are heading 🙂