Before you rent a car – read this.

cool-carIf you are getting ready to book a rental car, few things might cross your mind. Is it big enough to fit all of my luggage and family? Is it a safe and reliable brand? How much petrol does it consume?

What should not be on your mental check list is renting a sat nav with it.

Let’s say you are planning to rent a car for the weekend with the family home or abroad, say Friday to Sunday, the average car rental will cost you about £92.91.

Not too bad so far.

But then  you realize, that you do not know exactly where you’re going, especially when driving abroad. Or how to get from your hotel to the restaurant or to the next destination on your trip. You need sat nav, too.
These days, rental car companies are asking upwards of £13.91 per day for a car equipped with GPS. Need Wi-fi to access map data? That’ll cost you £8.50 per day. You’re also getting on top of it tax, theft protection and damage waivers depending on your insurance.

A simple car rental has already cost you more than £140!

The solution? Cut costs where you can by downloading CoPilot Premium sat nav app! Download your maps onboard your Smartphone and plan your whole route before you leave.  As you won’t need to rent a specific GPS or pay Wifi extras, you can save around £45 on your 2 day journey. Plus, CoPilot Premium is yours for a lifetime once you purchase, so it will save you money also during all your future trips.

Save that money for more important things on your vacation.

Safe Travels!