Google i/O 2013 announcements: our top picks!

378318-google-i-o-2013As a little tradition here in our office, we had a chance to watch the three-hour-long Google I/O keynote yesterday with plenty of interesting announcements. Especially in Google’s key areas of business are seeing updates both for consumers and us, developers.

Here is what caught our attention:

Android – Google I/O 2013

The keynote started with the most interesting news for us: Android. After stating that there have been 900 million activations of Android devices, Google introduced a new tool called Android studio, which provides more options for our Android development team. The new tool makes the process faster and more productive, and we cannot wait to use it!

Other interesting announcement was that Google will be stocking a version of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play, which will run stock Android. This means that every update to Android Jelly Bean will come direct from Google.. It’ll be a 16GB model and will be available in June.

Google Photo – Google I/O 2013

Google is also improving its photo services in Android and Chrome with a cool feature allowing Google to automatically create a photo album from hundreds of images uploaded to your photo cloud storage – picking the best photos based on friends and family members recognition, aesthetic and image quality, and landmark locations disqualifying duplicates, blurry and under/overexposed images. It even checks whether people are smiling or not!

Google+ – Google I/O 2013

Whether you like Google+ or not, its new look and feel should catch your attention. We have to say we really, really like it! Check it out yourself on our refreshed and improved CoPilot Live Google Plus page:

And of course …

… robots fighting with light sabers. How could we possibly not like that? 🙂

In action: