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SALE Extended! New Year, New Direction – Save Up To 40% Off CoPilot

Save Up to 40% Off CoPilot – For a limited time only! CoPilot is the navigation app that every iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android owner needs to guide them in the right direction this new year. Treat yourself or gift your friends and family a CoPilot navigation app   Save up to 40% on […]

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Google’s heads-up into the spotlight

Google Nexus 7 jelly bean sat nav

The battle of mobile platform supremacy has been heating-up over the past couple of weeks. Firstly Apple announced the latest incarnation of their desktop and mobile operating systems: Mountain Lion and iOS 6. While these will bring a wide range of incremental enhancements, the much-anticipated announcement of Apple’s own mapping service – in place of […]

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It’s “New iPad” day!!!

So today sees the arrival of the interestingly named “New iPad” in Apple Stores. As has become customary, hundreds of people have been queuing-up to – some for days – to be the first to get their hands on the latest and greatest kit from Cupertino. And of course the CoPilot air hostesses are there […]

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Android Marches On

It’s almost 2 weeks since Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, and it rather feels like business as usual with 3 announcements that will surely see the Android platform continue to gather momentum. 1)      Ice Cream Sandwich. Last week saw the announcement of the 4th version of Android – “Ice Cream Sandwich”. […]

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Beat the jams with 10% off CoPilot Live ActiveTraffic™

Whether it’s your daily commute to and from work, a weekend away or a trip to the shops, getting stuck in traffic can seriously spoil your day. CoPilot’s ActiveTraffic™ service detects delays caused by slow-moving or static traffic on your route and can help you find a faster way to go. Available as an optional […]

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CoPilot Live Premium iOS App update now available

  We’ve just released a free update for all of our CoPilot Live Premium satnav apps for iPhone and iPad. It’s available to download immediately through the iTunes App Store, and brings a variety of improvements and fixes to make navigating with CoPilot Live Premium even better.       New in this update (version […]

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CoPilot Live Premium – now available for iPhone and 3G iPads

We are excited to announce that our CoPilot Live Premium apps have been approved by Apple and are now available on the iTunes app store. It’s two weeks since we launched Premium on the Android Market, where it quickly raced to the top of the paid app charts. As with Android, our iOS apps are […]

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Android Market Gets a Facelift

It’s been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, and in the case of the iPhone, iPad and App Store, Apple should be feeling very flattered indeed. Companies such as Samsung have even gone so far as to make it the central element of their mobile products strategy, with apparent pride in being […]

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Android Market – Catching-up with iTunes?

Being able to browse, download and review apps via iTunes on any Internet browser is an experience that iPhone and iPad users have always taken for granted. Now, at last, Android handset and tablet owners have the same freedom of access to apps, with the ability to explore the Android Market and buy apps from […]

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CoPilot Live v8 Truck can help deliver Christmas!

Just four days to go until Christmas, and more of us than ever before have chosen to buy our gifts online.  The pressure on professional drivers was already quite intense this season, even before the freezing weather settled-in. Now with snow and ice causing chaos across the country, delivery fleets and independent drivers are working flat out trying […]

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