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Whether you’re staycationing within the UK and exploring the breathtaking waters of the Lake District, visiting Shakespeare’s birth place in Stratford-Upon-Avon, admiring the stunning picturesque views of Cornwall or planning to travel further into Europe to soak up the sun – whatever you do, remember to download your essential travel companion CoPilot sat nav with offline maps.

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Get behind the wheel this Bank Holiday

holiday-boot_1937567bIf you need more reasons to swap the usual plane, ferry or train for a car, consider some of the following car travel advantages highlighted by the British public. According to online research conducted by CoPilot (via YouGov) over a fifth of Brits surveyed revealed that driving to a holiday destination is far cheaper (21%)  than other ways to travel. Over one in ten people take to the road because  it’s often much easier for travelling with children and very practical when carrying  lots of luggage (13%) including everything but the kitchen sink.



Travelling by car is also pet friendly and popular with animal lovers as around a tenth of all holiday makers (8%) surveyed are choosing to take their dog along with them on holiday.

Despite EU legislation on reduced mobile data roaming charges now in force,  many Brits are still concerned about incurring huge data roaming charges while traveling abroad (44%) and losing their mobile signal (28%) whilst on foreign roads. Continue reading

The Most Popular Android Devices Running CoPilot

galaxy-s3-copilot-satnav-UKCoPilot runs on more than 250 Android Smartphones and tablets, including the latest HD devices like the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. But have you ever wondered which Android devices are the most popular? We’ve taken a look into our global statistics from the past year and the results are in:

The top ten of the most popular devices equipped with CoPilot at this very moment are:

1. Samsung S III

2. Samsung S II

3. Galaxy Note II

4. Asus Google Nexus 7

5. Galaxy Note

6. HTC One X

7. Samsung Galaxy S

8. HTC Sensation

9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

10. Galaxy tab

Interestingly – but not so surprisingly – Nexus 4, Galaxy tab 2 and Xperia Z are steadily climbing up the chart slowly. It will be very interesting to see how the Android landscape will look like one year from now, with the arrival of new Android devices such as HTC One and Galaxy S IV … and the upcoming Android devices we do not yet know about!

A big thank you to all our Android fans who have sent us essential feedback, reported issues and shared great ideas with us! We will keep on improving the app to make sure we will support as many Droids as possible, and if you have spotted something or think we could improve in some aspects, please do drop us a line in our user forum: https://support.copilotgps.com .

We wish you happy travels with your Droid!