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CoPilot is back on Windows-based Smartphones!


After our announcement at Mobile World Congress and months of meticulous testing on Windows Phones such as Lumia 920, HTC’s Windows Phone 8X and Samsung’s Ativ S, we are very excited to announce that our award-winning free CoPilot GPS navigation app is now available to download from the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8 (link)

Get your CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 here >

Our first CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 is ‘CoPilot GPS’ – our free to use app that brings a complete suite of advanced trip-planning features to help make every journey easier:

✔ Premium quality 2D street maps stored on-board your Windows Phone for offline use
✔ Millions of Points of Interest (POIs) built in
✔ Powerful route planning with a multi-stop trip optimizer
✔ Alternate Routes: up to 3 ways to your destination
✔ Drag and drop route editing
✔ Driving directions: manually scroll through the turns to your destination
✔ Walking mode: explore unfamiliar cities on foot with confidencelumia-920-copilot-uk

✔ Social sharing: let your friends know where you are with Twitter & Facebook status updates*
✔ Useful local content: discover interesting places and attractions nearby with Yelp, Wikipedia and Google

✔ Global map regions available to purchase and store on the device as required

The app also includes 14 days free use of full voice-guided 3D navigation and ActiveTraffic™. After 14 days you can continue to enjoy the free features or upgrade to unlimited turn-by-turn navigation via in-app purchase.

Get CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 here >

We are delighted to be back on the Windows platform – the first ever version of CoPilot was after all built for Windows! As with all the platforms we support, we will of course keep on improving the app to make sure to offer best experience possible. So dear Windows Phone 8 fans, if you spot an issue in this first release or have a suggestion for something we can improve, please let us know through our user forum:

Happy travels from CoPilot!

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Apple unveils iOS 7

iphone5-EUAs expected, Apple announced the latest version of their mobile operating system iOS at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference keynote in San Francisco yesterday evening.

The rumours of a new look user interface being a key part of iOS 7 turned out to be true, with Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Sir Jonathan Ive now also leading the user interface design. The visual interface has had wholesale changes; just about every icon has been redesigned with a flatter, more modern look that appears to show some design similarities from both Windows Phone 8 modern design and Google’s recent minimalist flat UI. The fonts have been improved somewhat and there’s new animations for opening apps.

Blogger John Gruber heard from a source before the event that the new UI is ‘polarizing’ and we think he was right – opinions appear to be divided somewhat on the look of the UI, with some praising this bold new direction and others, not so much.

Features-wise Apple have added a bunch of improvements which Android customers have taken for granted – with better multitasking (with viewable screens of the running apps, not just the app icons) and Control Center – a popup menu with quick access to commonly accessed settings such as brightness, bluetooth, do not disturb mode and even a flashlight (probably not great news for all those torch apps on the app store).

Also new are improvements to the built in apps – Camera, Calendar, Photos, Siri, Music Player (which now includes iTunes Radio). The Maps app is largely unchanged, but then you’d prefer to use CoPilot we assume so that shouldn’t be an issue. :-)

We expect that users will appreciate the fact that app updates via the App Store are now automatic, so  iPhone and iPad customers will always have the latest updates to their CoPilot apps on their devices. The downside of this is that it may become less easy for us to tell you what we’ve changed in the app.

It was interesting to see that there is also iCloud syncing of routes and locations, with APIs available too, so potentially it may be possible in the future to plan a route on the Maps app on your iPad and then route to it (with a navigation app) on your iPhone. We are also curious about the new ‘iOS in the Car’ initiative which seems set to bring new much tighter integration of iPhone/iPad with car infotainment systems. Hopefully this will provide us with an opportunity to bring CoPilot’s driver-friendly guidance and offline maps to the car dashboard.

iOS 7 will be available for iPhone 4/4S/5, iPad 2, iPad 3rd Gen and 4th Gen, iPad mini and iPod touch 5th Gen this autumn. See more details about iOS 7 at:

In the meantime, be assured that our developer team is already intently studying the beta version of iOS 7 and the many new APIs that are available. We’ll be working hard to maximize CoPilot in time for the launch.

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BANK HOLIDAY SALE: 10% CoPilot Live Premium UK and Ireland Sat Nav App

With the second long May weekend ahead, many of us are planning a little holiday break. Instead of heading to continental Europe, why not enjoy a little “staycation” during this bank holiday? There is still a lot to discover in the UK and Ireland, so don’t forget to pack CoPilot sat nav with you – it has thousands of interesting POIs from petrol stations to attractions on the route!

PLUS to celebrate the bank holiday we have put our CoPilot Live Premium UK and Ireland Android and iOS sat nav apps on sale until 27th of May! Sunny or not, it will guide you safely – and offline – to your destination.

copilot-uk-satnavCoPilot Live Premium UK and Ireland

£17.99 (usually £19.99)


Here are our top picks for the “staycation” in the UK and Ireland:

England – The Lake District

The Lake District is a beautiful region in North West England popular for its lakes, forests, wildlife and mountains. Its landscape is said to be as breathtaking as in Switzerland and the French Alps. Inspired by various poets, the Lake District is a fantastic choice if you enjoy great outdoors. It has the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike, as well as the longest and deepest lakes in England.


Wales – The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Not only is it worth visiting Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons national parks in Wales, but the Pembrokeshire is one of its kind. Located in the coast, the Pembrokeshire has everything from limestone monoliths and green bridge of wales to 13th-century chapels right on the beach. Its beach landscape has been awarded 41 blue flag awards, 47 green coast awards and 106 seaside awards.


Scotland – the Western Isles of Scotland

Why go to Spain when you can drive to the Western Isles of Scotland with beautiful turquoise sea and white sandy beaches? You can take the ferry there from Ullapool, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife you rarely see elsewhere.


Northern Ireland – Giants Causeway

With over 40.000 natural basalt columns created by an ancient volcanic eruption, Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland is a place not to miss. It is located about three miles northeast of the town of Bushmills.on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland,This beautiful and mystifying place was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it is also a National Nature Reserve and is surrounded with old, mythical tales.


Ireland – Galway

This medieval Irish town located on the west coast of Ireland is known for its ancient architecture and lively cultural scene. But Galway is not all about the town itself, but you can explore the area by boat or drive to the Connemara National Park outside Galway with beautiful mountains, Connemara ponies and other rare wildlife.


CoPilot’s UK + Ireland Premium apps include premium quality, full updated street maps of the whole of UK and Ireland, so wherever you are heading , you can always be sure of detailed directions even without mobile coverage.

You’ll find the apps on Google Play for Android, App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Have an excellent bank holiday!

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Reaching a New Destination – CoPilot Europe is Moving Home!


It’s been over 10 since we first opened our CoPilot Europe office back in 2003, and we’ve been based in the same building in Bloomsbury Square ever since.

Where to?

From small beginnings (initially with a team of just 5), CoPilot has grown dramatically – both in terms of the team and of course the number of consumer and professional drivers we are guiding every day.

Over the years we’ve moved around our current building, taking on additional space as the business has grown, but now it’s time to move to a bigger and better home.



Bye, Bye Bloomsbury, Hello City!

From June, we’ll be swapping Bloomsbury for the City with a new base in Farringdon, giving us the space and facilities to best serve our customers and take CoPilot forward as the mobile navigation market grows.

Bloomsbury Square


But as we pack-up ready for the big move, here’s a reminder of some of the CoPilot Bloomsbury landmarks:

2003: ALK Technologies Europe opens office in Bloomsbury Square

  • 2004: early beginnings selling PDA + CoPilot bundles through Tottenham Court Road dealers and online retailers. BMW launches branded sat nav PDA with CoPilot
  • 2005: Motorola launches the A780, the world’s first smartphone with integrated GPS, a car kit and CoPilot pre-installed. We win Microsoft’s worldwide mobility partner of the year.
  • 2006: CoPilot launches at T-Mobile UK, offered free with a phone
  • 2007: CoPilot launches at O2 UK, pre-installed with the XDA Orbit
  • 2008: CoPilot pre-installed on HTC Windows Mobile devices throughout Europe. Royal Mail chooses CoPilot in the world’s largest ever commercial sat nav deployment
  • 2009: CoPilot launched on Android and iPhone. Becomes UK’s highest grossing iOS app of the year after just 6 months.
  • 2010: CoPilot selected by The AA as navigation partner for AA Sat Nav
  • 2011: CoPilot version 9 platform launched. CoPilot selected by BMW for BMW Link app project.
  • 2012: CoPilot GPS app launches with 1m downloads within 60 days. ALK wins Honeywell ISV Partner of the Year. CoPilot is selected by Renault for it’s Twingo app project
  • 2013: ALK becomes part of Trimble Navigation Inc. ALK wins Motorola European Solutions Provider of the Year. CoPilot GPS exceeds 4.5m downloads and CoPilot for Windows Phone 8 announced.

Thanks Bloomsbury, you’ve been fantastic and we’ve many happy memories as the business has evolved. Now for the next decade in the CoPilot story …

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Google i/O 2013 announcements: our top picks!

378318-google-i-o-2013As a little tradition here in our office, we had a chance to watch the three-hour-long Google I/O keynote yesterday with plenty of interesting announcements. Especially in Google’s key areas of business are seeing updates both for consumers and us, developers.

Here is what caught our attention:

Android – Google I/O 2013

The keynote started with the most interesting news for us: Android. After stating that there have been 900 million activations of Android devices, Google introduced a new tool called Android studio, which provides more options for our Android development team. The new tool makes the process faster and more productive, and we cannot wait to use it!

Other interesting announcement was that Google will be stocking a version of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play, which will run stock Android. This means that every update to Android Jelly Bean will come direct from Google.. It’ll be a 16GB model and will be available in June.

Google Photo – Google I/O 2013

Google is also improving its photo services in Android and Chrome with a cool feature allowing Google to automatically create a photo album from hundreds of images uploaded to your photo cloud storage – picking the best photos based on friends and family members recognition, aesthetic and image quality, and landmark locations disqualifying duplicates, blurry and under/overexposed images. It even checks whether people are smiling or not!

Google+ – Google I/O 2013

Whether you like Google+ or not, its new look and feel should catch your attention. We have to say we really, really like it! Check it out yourself on our refreshed and improved CoPilot Live Google Plus page:

And of course …

… robots fighting with light sabers. How could we possibly not like that? :)

In action:


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CoPilot Tips for May: Photonav, Screen Orientation and Vehicle Preferences

Summer is approaching despite ever-changing weather – well at least here in the UK we hope it is – and to ensure you make most out of your holidays. we have collected few little tips and tricks for your travels in May. We hope you like them!

1. Did you know that you are able to navigate with CoPilot even to a geotagged photo? So next time you don’t know the exact address, or you stop by a cool or beautiful place on the road, don’t forget to take a photo with GPS coordinates. To find your way back to that special spot, go to “Photonav”, select the photo from your image gallery and go.
navigate to a photo gps

2. Now you are able to lock your screen in a portrait or landscape mode in CoPilot. So if you decide to take your motorcycle out for a ride or decide to discover new roads on bike, with the locked screen getting your knee down doesn’t make your map jump around like crazy. Just go to Settings -> Screen Orientation.

gps for motorcycle
And of course, what would a sat nav be without a motorcycle, caravan, bike and walking mode? It can be changed in Route -> Vehicle Preferences.

Happy travels!

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Heading away for the holidays? Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot

satnav-offline-iphoneThe summer’s approaching, the May bank holidays are here at last and many of us are planning to head abroad. While you are packing your essential holiday gear, make sure you’ve taken the time to download the maps you’ll need into CoPilot … and don’t forget your car charger.

 You probably won’t need reminding to be careful about data roaming when abroad. Despite European laws introduced last summer forcing mobile operators to reduce the cost of using mobile internet in other countries, data roaming bills can still be rather scary.

 Based on the results of research we’ve just conducted with YouGov, nearly half of UK smartphone owners (42%) are worried about international mobile internet charges, and two out of three Brits go offline completely by turning data roaming off when they leave the country.

 Luckily as a CoPilot owner, you won’t have to worry about being left without directions. All the maps you need are stored on-board your phone or tablet for offline use, so you can continue get turn-by-turn guidance without worrying about the cost. That leaves you to enjoy your foreign driving and maybe use the money you’ve saved on something more worthwhile.

 Interestingly, the survey also reveals that data usage is not just a problem when abroad. Nearly a third of UK smartphone users (31%) have reached their domestic mobile data allowance on at least one occasion during the last 12 months. With our smartphones consuming ever increasing amounts of data for  daily-used services such as maps, mobile web and social media feeds; mobile internet access cannot be taken for granted even when at home. So even if you aren’t leaving the UK and enjoying a ‘staycation’ CoPilot can help you avoid excessive mobile data charges.

 Happy travels, wherever you are heading :)

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The Most Popular Android Devices Running CoPilot

galaxy-s3-copilot-satnav-UKCoPilot runs on more than 250 Android Smartphones and tablets, including the latest HD devices like the Sony Xperia Z and HTC One. But have you ever wondered which Android devices are the most popular? We’ve taken a look into our global statistics from the past year and the results are in:

The top ten of the most popular devices equipped with CoPilot at this very moment are:

1. Samsung S III

2. Samsung S II

3. Galaxy Note II

4. Asus Google Nexus 7

5. Galaxy Note

6. HTC One X

7. Samsung Galaxy S

8. HTC Sensation

9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

10. Galaxy tab

Interestingly – but not so surprisingly – Nexus 4, Galaxy tab 2 and Xperia Z are steadily climbing up the chart slowly. It will be very interesting to see how the Android landscape will look like one year from now, with the arrival of new Android devices such as HTC One and Galaxy S IV … and the upcoming Android devices we do not yet know about!

A big thank you to all our Android fans who have sent us essential feedback, reported issues and shared great ideas with us! We will keep on improving the app to make sure we will support as many Droids as possible, and if you have spotted something or think we could improve in some aspects, please do drop us a line in our user forum: .

We wish you happy travels with your Droid!

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CoPilot GPS satnav app celebrates its first Birthday

Dear fans, we hope you’ll join us in wishing a very happy birthday to our free CoPilot GPS app! THANK YOU to all our wonderful fans across the world who downloaded it!

Thank you, Grazie, Gracias, Merci, Danke, Dank u, Kiitos, Tack, Takk, Tak, Hvala, dĕkuji, شكرا, Ευχαριστώ, Köszönöm, Paldies, תודה, Dziękuję, Obrigado, Mersi, Спасибо, Ďakujem, Teşekkürler, Diolch!


Within its first year on the market, our free trip planning app CoPilot GPS has proven to be a great compliment to smartphones on iOS and Android alike.  But don’t just take our word for it – let the numbers speak for themselves!

CoPilot_GPS_Infographic_smaller jpg

Thank you to all that downloaded the app – we are happy to have you as part of the CoPilot family and appreciate all your feedback and support. If you have more great ideas or feedback, please do let us know in our customer forum – it would be much appreciated:

Thank you!

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CoPilot Tips for April: Trip Optimisation and Map Download

Hello fans, Spring is finally here and we have written two useful tips for you so you can get most out of your CoPilot app this month. We hope you find it useful!

Trip Optimisation

Did you know that  you are able to optimise and save your routes? Thanks to our trip optimisation feature, you don’t actually have to add all your stops in order, but just by clicking “Options” -> “Optimise stops” we will reorder them to give you the most practical route (especially handy if you are delivering to 20 different addresses across the country). By selecting “Save” you can also – well – save your trip.


Map Download

Did you know that if you get or have an European app, you don’t actually have to download ALL the European maps? To save precious space in your mobile/tablet, you can pick and choose the maps you need.


For example if you drive from Manchester to Marseille you only have to download maps of UK+IE and France, and if you drive from Berlin to Rome, you only need DACH + Italy. After the trip you can delete the maps you don’t need anymore and enjoy the freed space. Just go to My CoPilot -> My Maps.

We wish you a wonderful Spring – happy travels!

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