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Win the New Nexus 7 Tablet with Maps of your Choice!

win-nexus-7Christmas and New Year are approaching and it is time to start making plans for the year 2014. No, we don’t mean New Year’s resolutions you won’t keep, but nice plans such as … where to go on holidays!

We want to help you to start the New Year headed in the right direction and nothing gives you a better kick start than a brand new Nexus 7 equipped with a high-quality CoPilot sat nav!


Unwrap the world in 2014 with CoPilot

Enter our competition NOW for a chance to win the brand new CoPilot-ready Nexus 7 with Maps of your choice! You can choose from maps of Europe, Brazil, North America, Middle East, Southern Africa or Australasia, and discover locations, countries or even continents you haven’t explored yet.

We are giving you two weeks ( 4th to the 17th December 2014) to answer a couple of questions for a chance to win a big prize that you can keep for yourself – or give as an emergency gift.

Nexus 7 tablet winner will be selected randomly among all the people who participated in the CoPilot Sweepstakes between 4th and 17th December 2013. Competition winner will be announced 18th of December on the CoPilot Facebook pageGoogle+ and Twitter – so remember to like or follow to check if you have won!

 Ready to enter? Here’s what you need to do:

 How to enter:


Re-Tweet this on Twitter & Follow us @copilotlive to check if you have won:

Unwrap the world!  RT & Follow @copilotlive for a chance to #win the new #Nexus7 with Maps of your Choice! #travel #android


  • Visit the CoPilot Live Facebook page to enter the competition
  • Fill out the competition form in Facebook for a chance to win
  • Tell your friends to play too - they might give it to you as a gift ;)
  • We will be announcing the grand prize winner on our Facebook & G+ page – make sure to “like” us (or add us in your circle) to check if you have won.

Google-mobileGoogle +, using mobile or no social accounts?

Enter competition here.

Good luck!


 Terms and conditions


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CoPilot Version 9.5 Is Here with New Motion Lock Feature and UI design refresh

CoPilot-Welcome-Nexus7Dear CoPiloters, after going through your feedback and spending months in intensive app development, we are happy to say that CoPilot 9.5 has arrived! We have added “Motion Lock” to help minimize distracted driving, a refreshed user interface, iOS 7 compatibility, restyled app icons, and plenty of other improvements we hope you’ll enjoy!

CoPilot v9.5 is available immediately as a free update for existing Android users.  An iOS and Windows Phone 8 version will be available shortly.

New Motion Lock for safe, hands free driving

The new “Motion Lock” feature enables you to choose the minimum travel speed at which the map becomes locked for safer, hands free driving. Speeds can be set at 5, 10, 15 or 20 miles per hour in “Settings.” You can decide whether you want to use it or not (fully optional!), but this new feature helps you to stay focused on the road while CoPilot directs you to your destination.



Restyled and refreshed UI

CoPilot v9.5 also includes a restyled flat UI design and refreshed app icons for a clearer, simpler user experience. Hope you like it!

iOS 7 compatibility

The app is now also fully compatible with iOS 7.

Additional CoPilot enhancements include:

  • Improved in-app search to more easily find places near a destination
  • Highway exit numbers are now displayed on the map, giving you clearer guidance
  • New app icon
  • 2 striking new map guidance styles
  • Android: Pioneer NavGate HUD Connector (in-app purchase – only available in Europe & Premium)
  • And finally, plenty of bug fixes and improvements based on your feedback (thanks for that, keep it coming!)

You may also notice we’ve dropped LIVE from our name.  We want to make sure you understand it doesn’t mean we are no longer offering CoPilot’s connected services in our Premium apps. We think it better reflects what we are all about:  a dependable offline CoPilot that will get you everywhere you need to go.

Like our new update and look?  Let us know with a review or rating on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store … or say hello on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Got great ideas or think we could improve? Please do keep us up to date and help us improve the app in our customer forum:

Looking forward to hearing from you! Until next time … safe travels!


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Still in the game: Nokia announces new tablet and large screen phones

Nokia-Lumia-2520-2It’s been a traumatic few years for Nokia. After seeing their seemingly invincible phone market share savaged by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, many observers saw the company as being in terminal decline. Perhaps the lowest point was the recent announcement that Nokia’s phones business is to be sold to Microsoft. So is it game over? Read More »

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Turn Your CoPilot Pink in October to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and monuments all across the world are turning pink to increase awareness … and now you can also support the cause by turning your CoPilot pink.

Our Android and iOS customers wishing to support the cause are able to do so by downloading our pink Awareness theme via in-app purchase for £ 0.69 / € 0,89 / 0.99 US dollars in “Settings” -> “Themes” -> “Awareness”


We will donate the net proceeds to Breast Cancer Care and we will be sharing the donations in (US net proceeds go to National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. ) Of course. our commitment does not stop in October, but we will keep the theme in the app and keep on giving the net proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness. Read More »

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Accelerate your CoPilot GPS with an upgrade to unlimited voice guided 3D navigation today!

10% Off full voice-guided 3D navigation upgrades for a limited time only!

We know you love your CoPilot GPS and we’ve got even more ways for you to enjoy navigating!

Upgrade your GPS experience to get:

  • Voice-guided, turn by turn navigation
  • 3D map views
  • Automatic route recalculation
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Realistic ClearTurn™ display
  • Lane arrows and sign info at highway exit

Buy these great features for only £15:49!

Don’t miss out offer ends 16th October 2013


Ready? Here’s how to upgrade:

Open your CoPilot GPS app and choose MyCoPilot – > Features & Upgrades










Choose Full voice-guided 3D Navigation

UK (3) - Copy






Great prices on CoPilot Extras


ActiveTrafficGet 12 months ActiveTraffic Service from just £7.99 to avoid traffic jams and delays along your route!*



Map upgrades 

EU map upgradeCoPilot GPS can help you find the best way to all the places you want to go. With additional offline maps of Europe, USA and Canada, Brazil, South Africa or Australia available to purchase directly from within the app, travelling this Autumn is now even easier.*

* Requires upgrade to full voice-guided navigation first

Tell your friends about CoPilot GPS

We hope you‘ve enjoyed navigating with your CoPilot GPS. Now spread the word to your friends so they too can experience 14 days FREE voice-guided, turn-by- turn navigation.




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iOS 7 Seven Day Quiz: 7 days, 7 questions, 7 apps to WIN.

Dear fans, we hope you enjoyed answering all of our Apple themed questions in our iOS 7 quiz. Here are all the answers:

Question 1 – Which country is this ? A: USA. The screenshot is from New York, the most famous Big Apple in the world! Make sure to calculate the route there, especially during the famous Manhattanhenge (40.742055, -74.006867)


Question 2 – This apple is BIG, but in which country is it located? A:  Canada! Yes, the “big apple” is actually located in Ontario, Canada. If you like apples, make sure to drop by (44.022308, -77.90588) According to Yelp reviews we saw in CoPilot, their apple pies are gooooooooooooooood.


Question 3In which country was apple pie invented? A: England. Even though it’s been said there’s nothing more American than apple pie, apple pie was created originally in medieval England with early apple pie recipes dating back to 1381. The following apple pie recipe comes from a cookbook  originally compiled 1390 A.D. by the master cooks of King Richard II and presented afterwards to Queen Elizabeth, by Edward Lord Stafford.

XXIII. For To Make Tartys in Applis Tak gode Applys and gode Spryeis and Figys and reyfons and Perys and wan they are wel ybrayed co-lourd wyth Safron wel and do yt in a cofyn and do yt forth to bake well.

Want to taste original medieval apple pie? Now you can in Medieval Banquet restaurant in London (51.507928, -0.071157)

Question 4 – In which country is the world’s largest Apple Store? A: Netherlands! The largest Apple store is in Amsterdam (52.364489, 4.882551) expanding over 11,000 square feet. It also employs over 300 Apple employees who speak 14 different languages.


Question 5 – Which country’s hotel is famous for giving their guests 24-karat gold iPads to use during their stay? A: United Arab Emirates. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel (25.141788, 55.185482) allows their guests to use these unique gold plated 64GB iPads. If the guests particularly like the hotel’s golden iPads, they can buy 64GB versions for just $10,200. The Bespoke Boutique also carries golden iPad minis, golden iPhone 5, and gold-plated versions of BlackBerry’s Q10.


Question  6 –which country is home to the Pink Lady, the “queen of apples”? A: Australia. Pink Lady, known as the Queen of apples, was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia. Today, it is still Australia’s favourite apple and is now grown in around 15 different countries and sold across more than 30 countries worldwide


Question 7 – Golf and apple – perfect match. The question is: in which country you can hit the golf ball onto an apple shaped island? A: USA. If you love golf and Apple, calculate your route via The Apple Tree Golf Course in Yakima Valley, Washington (46.563655, -120.625874) Its 17th hole is on an island shaped like an apple.

Women's City Golf Tournament

Our quiz winners are:


Q1: Marinho Morais

Q2: Michal Misho Zuščák

Q3: Richard Nilsen

Q4: Martin Lamb

Q5: Dave Pablo Patterson

Q6: Andrew Mundy

Q7: Juan Pons Egea


Q1: Simone Bissi

Q2: Igor Strelnikov

Q3: Paul King

Q4: Yogesh Shauhan

Q5: Antonio Gambacorta

Q6: Franck Maillard

Q7: John Kissane

And the special surprise package goes to Stephen Wing (Google+) and Pradeep Prabhakaran (Facebook) for answering ALL the questions correctly!

Congratulations to all our winners – enjoy the fruit of your labors ;) If you didn’t win, don’t worry. Something bigger and more APPLELICIOUS is coming up – stay tuned!

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A look at Apple’s new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

It’s mid September, and so for iOS fans globally it can only mean one thing – time for new iPhones. In fact this year it’s actually two, as in a break from ‘tradition’, Apple are not just releasing a new flagship phone in the shape of the iPhone 5s, but also the new slightly cheaper iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5s

Let’s deal with the flagship first. 2013 is an ‘s’ year for iPhones, which has come to mean an incremental bump in specs for the existing iPhone, and the 5s moves last year’s iPhone 5 forward in an evolutionary way. Looks-wise, the 5s is practically the same as the iPhone 5, with the same case design, materials and screen size. There’s new gold and ‘space’ grey colours, but otherwise nothing new externally to report. Under  the hood though, the iPhone 5s does include a few notable improvements and enhancements:


  • New A7 64-bit chip. Described by Apple as a World-first, the A7 is claimed to be twice as fast as the A6 found in the iPhone 5. Will users know the difference? It’s hard to say, as the 5 was no slouch, but it certainly prepares the way for faster performance  for graphics-intensive apps – including possibly CoPilot in the future.
  • Fingerprint Recognition. Apple call this ‘TouchID’ and it’s designed to provide a new way to secure your smartphone.
  • New and improved ‘iSight’ camera with dual LED flash, larger sensor and other enhancements. Apple claim the iPhone’s camera is already the world’s most popular, although – thanks to Nokia and others – it would be hard to argue that it’s the World’s best. For most though, the improved camera will probably be the most obviously valuable feature in the 5s.
  • M7 coprocessor. Perhaps the most surprising new feature of the 5s is it’s new processor dedicated to measuring motion, taking that function away from the device’s main processor. In practice this should allow location-based and fitness apps to track physical activity and movements more efficiently and reducing power consumption. It should also allow for more intelligent detection of speed and types of movement. We will be investigating this for possible future enhancements to CoPilot’s walking and cycling modes.

5s verdict? Just like with previous iPhone ‘S’ models, the 5s takes the iPhone 5 and improves it, but in an incremental way. Think of it like a new model VW Golf – plenty of new features but nothing particularly earth-shattering or different to what went before. That said, it should be enough to win-over those who want the latest and greatest iPhone. Will it tempt those looking for cutting-edge mobile technology and innovative new features away from Samsung’s Galaxy range? Probably not, but it should enable Apple to bridge the gap until the (presumably larger-screened) iPhone 6 arrives this time next year. Read More »

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iOS 7 Seven Day Sale: Get 10% off ALL our Premium Copilot iOS apps!


iOS 7 is finally here … and so is our 7 day sale. Get 10% off ALL our Premium iOS apps – for only 7 days! Hurry – the offer ends 24th of September 2013.


Must-have application for drivers

Make most of your iOS 7 experience with an application especially designed for drivers. CoPilot iOS sat nav apps are the ideal way to get around this autumn, turning your iPhone / iPad into a full-featured satnav system, with automatic route door to door routing and detailed voice guidance every step of the way. CoPilot’s premium quality automotive-grade maps are stored on your phone, not downloaded over 3G, which allows you to navigate even without a mobile signal.

iOS 7 Sale – 10% Off ALL CoPilot Premium iOS apps

Start your autumn travels with10% off all CoPilot Live Premium iOS apps. PLUS, we are offering you 12 months of free ActiveTraffic service on top to avoid those traffic jams! So whether you are travelling in UK + Ireland, France, Italy, Australia, Brazil or even Middle-East – this is an offer not to miss.


Hurry, sale ends 24th September 2013.


Shop for:
iPhone/iPad >

Shop for:
iPhone/iPad >

Shop for:
iPhone/iPad >

We wish you a wonderful autumn – safe travels!


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The Shiny (or should we say flatter) New iOS 7

In addition to new iPhones, yesterday’s much anticipated Apple ‘Special Event’ provided more details on what Tim Cook described as the OS that will “soon be the world’s most popular operating system.”  We first got a peek at iOS 7 back in June and it appears the early buzz was pretty much on the money.   The shiny (or should we say flatter) new mobile OS delivers a complete visual overhaul with an all-new user interface, Control Center, smarter multi-tasking and an improved Siri now available in male or female voices . Users in the USA will also get iTunes Radio, Apple’s music streaming response to Spotify and Pandora.


iOS 7 is the first significant design change to iOS since the original iPhone, and existing users will immediately notice an all-new style. Adjustments have been made throughout, including a slightly translucent-looking keyboard, redesigned icons and new buttons.  It’s a clear move away from the textured “skeumorphic” approach in previous iOS versions, where graphics elements were designed to emulate the ‘real world’ (gone are the felt ‘table cover’ in game center and the ‘leather stitching’ in Calendar). It’s clearly going to have implications for developers, many of whom will likely update their apps to avoid a jarring design clash.

iOS 7′s new Control Center adds the highly requested (and presently offered by rivals) quick access toggle bars to control brightness, switch-on flashlight, turn on airplane mode and do not disturb.   It also brings new ways to discover apps and allows automatic app updates. Our opinion is slightly divided about automatic app updates: one the one hand it means that CoPilot users will be able to download our latest app updates without any intervention. On the other, by doing so people won’t see the ‘what’s new’ info that we publish to explains what we’ve improved or changed. Ultimately auto updates can be switched on or off, so we’ll leave you to decide.

iOS 7 will be available as a free download for iPhone 4, 4s and 5  from September 18th.  It will also be available for iPad (iPad 2 or later), iPad Mini and iPod Touch (5th generation.)

In yesterday’s event we were also formally introduced to the iPhone 5S and 5C. Both new devices will be available on September 20th with pre-orders for 5C starting this Friday, Sept. 13th.   We’ve been excited to see (and get our hands on) both devices up close and personal for some time and will report more on them later this week.

Our verdict? As you can imagine here at CoPilot, we love Apple and so it’s great to see iOS get a full make-over.  For many existing iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod owners, it’s going to feel a bit like getting a new device. To celebrate its arrival, we’ve got a few cool things in store for you.  So stay tuned over the next few weeks!

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v9.4.0.308 Android Update is Here – Includes Xperia Z Fix and Automatic Updates for Themes

CoPilot Live PremiumGood news for Android users! It’s time for another free update for our CoPilot Live Premium apps. Our latest update (v9.4.0.308) fixes the Xperia Z and Android 4.2 issue reported by some of our customers and it resolves a black screen issue on startup. PLUS, it brings automatic updates for our Themes so you’ll always have the latest and most stylish version available. Xperia-Z

v9.4.0.308 is available to download immediately from Google Play or the CoPilot Webstore.

We’d like to say a BIG thank you to all our Android users who helped us to identify what was causing the problem, we’re committed to improve your CoPilot app and we really value and appreciate your continued feedback! We know some of you have been eagerly awaiting this update and we thank you for your patience.

Write a Review 

fivestars We hope you like our latest app update.  Don’t forget to rate and review us on Google Play to share your thoughts with others.


Join the CoPilot Live Community Forum 

If you have any ideas for new features, feedback on our current apps, suggestions for how we can improve or if you’d like to ask a question or tell us you’re happy with your app, please get in touch with us through the forum.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your travels this summer!

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