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Drive safely abroad this summer with CoPilot Live

A change of scene – whether its a beach, poolside or somewhere far from the crowds, the ultimate point of a holiday is to….relax. Unfortunately, driving abroad can prove to be the exact opposite. Strange car, different road rules and signs. Just getting out of the airport car park can prove a challenge. Consider then the advantages of having […]

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Get the low-down on the high holiday life with CoPilot Live

Bags packed and passport at the ready? Hire car booked and, naturally, you’ve CoPilot Live on your phone. But as soon as CoPilot Live has got you from the airport to the hotel, it’s job is done, right? Wrong. Once you’ve settled, you’ll want to explore and find those holiday essentials like a store, ATM – or a cool bar – […]

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Roam free this summer with CoPilot Live!

With August underway, the holiday season is truly upon us!  Whether you’re travelling at home or venturing abroad, you can usually guarantee it’s going to be expensive.  And it’s worth bearing in mind that a significant contributor to this expense could be using the mobile internet. Recent EU legislation has introduced an automatic €50 (£41) cap on data roaming on smartphones and […]

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Device Focus – HTC Desire

The issues surrounding the iPhone 4’s reception have been endlessly debated, and while Apple are now offering free cases as a workaround, the prospective smartphone buyer may well be re-considering their handset options. One of the most popular (and critically acclaimed) ‘iPhone killers’ is the Android-powered HTC Desire. From navigation app perspective, we look for […]

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CoPilot Live customer DPD UK wins Motor Transport Innovation Award

Congratulations to DPD UK for winning the prestigious Innovation Award at last night’s Motor Transport Awards 2010. DPD is a subsidiary of GeoPost UK, a division of French postal group, La Poste. It employs 5,000 people in the UK and operates more than 1,700 vehicles from over 40 locations. The award recognised the work of […]

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CoPilot Live HD for iPad – video review

Now that the initial avalanche of coverage surrounding the iPad has subsided, its probably worth reminding ourselves how good the iPad can be when running certain applications. Take for example CoPilot Live. For navigation guidance, the iPad’s hi-res screen provides a visual experience that is hard to beat - as this video demonstration from Tech-guru i6laswegian ably demonstrates. If you’re considering getting […]

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England: Still on course, different route

It didn’t take too long after Wednesday’s victory to realise that things hadn’t quite gone according to plan in the football – and coming second in the group stages would mean a significant alteration in the predicated travelling details of many following fans. Fortunately, CoPilot Live v8 users in South Africa can simply change their stadium destination and enjoy their […]

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England: Hopefully, not the final road

And so after Friday’s lack lustre performance its more with hope than expectation that our thoughts turn to the final game for England in the Group Stages of the World Cup. England’s only previous match against Slovenia was in September 2009 which England won  2-1. So this game should be a formality, right? Formed in […]

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England – The (long) road to Cape Town

So, in case you hadn’t noticed the 2010 FIFA World Cup is now in full swing, and admitedly, we thought initially that Slovenia was the next team up. Regardless of the opposition, we’re glad to report that England fans remain optimistic about the Three Lions making it to the play-off stages. Next up is Algeria in Cape Town, […]

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“I want to take soccer in the US to another level. I think it can go higher in America than anyone can believe.” – David Beckham, 2007

The former England Captain went on to justify his move by saying:”Soccer is huge all around the world except in America and that’s where I want to make a difference…” OK, we’ve only a one day before the World Cup begins and more importantly, only two days before the beginning of England’s opening to their […]

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