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Today’s Tip – Using Driver Safety mode

With the onset of autumn and the clocks going back in just a few weeks time, we’ll all soon have to get back into the habit of driving in the dark.  For a lot of us, it can take some getting used to – especially when accompanied by typical autumnal rain and wind. In these circumstances, […]

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Today’s Tip – CoPilot Live Back up

Its an all too common phenomenon. You go to switch on your PC and…nothing. Its at this point you make a mental list of all the files. pictures and music you may have lost forever. While there are some diligent users out there, a recent survey concluded that more than 81% of home PC users fail […]

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Today’s Tip: How to Preview Your Route

Today’s tip comes courtesy of our US Marketing Manager, Devon Valenti. Recently I was helping my mother-in-law enter a destination on her PND (if she had a smartphone she would surely be using CoPilot Live!) and I became frustrated when I couldn’t preview the route. I wanted to check to make sure it was sending […]

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Today’s Tip – ways to solve iPhone GPS reception issues

GPS has been a standard feature of iPhone since the launch of iPhone 3G, however it’s been widely reported that GPS reception on the iPhone can sometimes be frustratingly slow. There are a number of factors that may affect performance, including (but not limited to) where the device is located in-vehicle, memory in-use, network reception  […]

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Tips and Tricks: How to get the most out of your POIs

This week, we have another guest blog from our US Marketing Manager, Devon Valenti. I recently moved to a new town and on the first day I got there, I was quickly reminded how useful CoPilot Live’s Points-of-Interest (POIs) are.   Where is the closest bank so I can go to the ATM to pay the […]

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Tuesday’s Tip – Multiple stops and route optimisation

With the summer holidays just around the corner, what better way is there than spending the weekend outdoors, sharing some of the great festivals, concerts and sporting events with your closest friends? Okay, they may be your closest friends but it doesn’t necessarily mean they live on your door step. Or even in the same […]

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Tips and Tricks: Creating a Routing Profile

There are times when the journey is there to be enjoyed. Away from the school run and the grind of the daily commute, priorities can change – an indirect route presenting  more adventure and a greater range of possibilities than just a quick dash down the motorway. A different drive for different occasions. CoPilot Live can […]

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Tuesday’s Tips & Tricks: How to use your own voice (or someone elses) in CoPilot Live

Time Required: Approx 90 minutes Had enough of the inbuilt voices? Like the idea of recording your own (or your other half’s) voice and using it within CoPilot? It’s not difficult, and before long you’ll be driving around guided by your very own voice from within CoPilot! You’ll need a computer, a microphone (or you […]

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Know your CoPilot: switching-off the menu beeps in CoPilot Live v8

A number of people have asked us whether it is possible to turn off the menu beeps in CoPilot Live for iPhone without muting the overall system volume.  It’s already possible to do this in CoPilot Live v8 for Android and Windows Mobile, and now in our latest CoPilot Live v8 software update we have added it to the […]

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FAQ: How to correct iPhone POI error message

Some CoPilot 8 iPhone customers who have recently installed the latest CoPilot Live Europe iPhone app update have reported an error message at start up: “POI set safetycam – Version does not match network version”. You can ignore this and CoPilot Live v8 will still work as normal, but there’s a couple of things you can do […]

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