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Tips and Tricks: Directions View in CoPilot Live Premium

Ever since we launched our first version of CoPilot, one of our primary navigation  modes has been Driver Safety view – where a map is only displayed near a turn. The aim is to help you keep your eyes on the road by reducing screen clutter and only giving you turn information when you need […]

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Installing CoPilot Live Premium to a new device or after upgrading your ROM

We’ve had a number of CoPilot Live Premium customers contact us asking how to re-install the app to a new device or after upgrading an Android device ROM. Here’s the steps you’ll need to take to avoid activation issues. *Please note that we cannot guarantee support for unofficial or pre-release Android ROMs* 1. Uninstall CoPilot […]

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How to transfer a v8 Traffic Subscription to CoPilot Live Premium

One of the great new features in our new CoPilot Live Premium app is the introduction of the ActiveTraffic service. Available as an optional 12 month subscription, it takes into account real-time traffic flow along your route to calculate the fastest way to your destination. If a severe delay occurs on route, CoPilot Live will […]

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CoPilot Live Tips and Tricks – The Detour facility

 With the partial closure of the M1 bringing a certain degree of traffic chaos to North London over the weekend, we thought it would be timely to remind CoPilot users about the ‘Detour’ facility in CoPilot Live v8.  This handy feature allows you to either pre-plan a detour on a pre-determined journey or select a […]

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CoPilot Live – Reducing the hidden costs of holiday travel…and more weekly winners!

With all the excitement of getting away on holiday, the real cost of travelling can sometimes be over looked. With the cost of petrol going through the roof, fuel economy is the most obvious factor that can increase the price of your trip. But that’s one of several ways that a European road trip can […]

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You and CoPilot Live – Are we compatible?

Or to be more precise, your smartphone or tablet? It’s a good question that we encounter almost on a daily basis. For the record, if you’re running an  3G/3GS or 4 iPhone, the answer is yes, we’re fully compatible. We’ve even some tips on how you can improve GPS performance. The same applies for the […]

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Tips and Tricks: Saving on Fuel Costs

With a volatile Middle East and much media speculation about the arrival of the £2 litre of petrol coming to a forecourt near you, ways in which you can lower your fuel consumption have probably crossed your mind. As always, the internet is a great source of advice and this article on  in particular focuses on simple […]

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Getting the most out of your CoPilot Live v8

  Recognising that as a result of the festive season, some of you will be new readers of this blog, we thought now would be the ideal time to demonstrate to you that CoPilot Live is much more than simply a means of navigating from A to B.  As you’ve probably experienced first hand, CoPilot Live comes equipped with a […]

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Today’s Tip – Using Driver Safety mode

With the onset of autumn and the clocks going back in just a few weeks time, we’ll all soon have to get back into the habit of driving in the dark.  For a lot of us, it can take some getting used to – especially when accompanied by typical autumnal rain and wind. In these circumstances, […]

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Today’s Tip – CoPilot Live Back up

Its an all too common phenomenon. You go to switch on your PC and…nothing. Its at this point you make a mental list of all the files. pictures and music you may have lost forever. While there are some diligent users out there, a recent survey concluded that more than 81% of home PC users fail […]

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