On the Move This Summer – Part 2

Need a map that fits your phone?

So he made sure to download the UK, France and Iberia maps. With CoPilot Caravan they’ll never lose reception plus they can save more money for their adventures instead of a big data bill.

You may be asking yourself, so it’s a nice trip – what’s different here?

Safe, reliable routing is a must-have for campers

Joe and his wife have used other sat-nav apps before but ran into the problem no camper ever wants to have…being routed down a road that is not safe for a caravan or motorhome. It does happen, but it should never happen to you.

How does Joe avoid this? He simply enters the vehicle dimensions into CoPilot Caravan and creates a routing profile specific to his vehicle. Wait, you can put in your exact weight, height and length in CoPilot Caravan? Yep. And you won’t be routed down an unsafe road? Yep.

Every trip you take is a journey and with all the planning – the journey will soon become your destination. Enjoy the adventures, appreciate the time with your family and by the end of it…you’ll be planning the next one. Get CoPilot Caravan and start your next journey!

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Every Trip Is a Journey – Part 2

Can you walk the walk?

When you are in Ireland, you might want to get outside and take a look around the beautiful scenery. But how do you get around? Walking mode on CoPilot will navigate you even without a car. Tom used the walking mode at least 3 or 4 times to stay on track and not get lost on a Dublin side street after a visit to the Guinness brewery.

So you may be asking yourself: who won the super traveller award?

Tom came in first place by saving the trip with reliable navigation. The drivers of the other cars asked Tom how to get CoPilot on their smartphones so the downloads began at the next good WiFi spot (good WiFi is hard to find).

Every trip you take is a journey and with all the planning – the journey will soon become your destination. Enjoy the adventures, appreciate the time with your family and by the end of it…you’ll be planning the next one. Get CoPilot and start your next journey!

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On the Move This Summer – Part 1

Joe and his family will make their way from London all the way to Portugal’s Algarve, through France and Spain. Sounds like an awesome trip, right?

Trip planning: Where to go?

The one thing they’ve made sure to take care of before leaving is planning their entire trip. All their stops, all their adventures, pre-planned. Wait, you can plan the most epic journey of all time with over 50 stops in ONE app? Yep.

Easily change your route for a well-deserved break from behind the wheel

You might be thinking: What if Joe needs to find a place to rest sooner than the one they planned? Let’s be honest, there are times you need a little break. Well, you can easily find campsites and places to refuel yourself.  This way, the kids won’t be cranky and everyone will stay happy.

Alright…back to the trip planning.


Not only did Joe plug in all their stops but he definitely doesn’t want to get lost when the mobile signal gets spotty. Stay tuned to find out how the journey continued….


Every Trip Is a Journey – Part 1

Meet Tom. He just returned from a wonderful 2 week trip in Ireland. With 4 rental cars and 10 people – I mean come on, who doesn’t love a family vacation?

Trip planning: Where to go?

Tom used CoPilot for 18 trips to different destinations across the country. These trips included finding typical rural towns throughout his journey, provided Tom spelled them correctly. With CoPilot he just had to type in the name of the place and the city…it’s that easy.

All of the tech savvy people had their own navigation system so they could show it off and win the super traveller award but Tom kept a low profile.  After a few trips to places like the Blue Stack mountains, the bad routes from the first car using an alternative sat-nav app (you know the one that uses WiFi and rhymes with “Oogle”)  brought everyone to a screeching halt.  

This is when things got interesting…group1

His brother-in-law got kicked out of the first car and had to walk along the edge of a cliff to Tom’s car. He asked Tom to swap with him in the front car and told Tom to bring his phone with CoPilot.  I think it’s safe to say, the previously mentioned sat-nav app was not working. Driving in and out of mobile signals only leads to one thing – you get lost! With CoPilot, Tom knew he would be safe with offline navigation for the rest of the trip. Stay tuned to find out how the journey continued….

Brexit & Beyond – What’s in Store for the UK Trucking Industry?

It’s been over a year that the British public voted to exit the European Union. The Brexit negotiations have started and every business up and down the country discusses the effects and risks. The road transportation sector is no exception.
The Department of Transport reports that from June 2015 to June 2016 UK HGVs lifted a total of 7.8 million tonnes of goods. Of them 3.8 million tonnes were exports and 3.9 million tonnes were imports to or from the UK. Not only are the international freight numbers impressive, the UK road haulage industry employs around 290,000 peopleThe British road transport sector is a vital part of the economy not only in terms of GDP and employment, but also in providing goods to consumers. So how could Brexit affect the road haulage sector?

The Good

Where there’s change, there’s opportunity. Although trade with the EU27 will likely undergo a period of volatility, the current government is fostering ties with markets outside of the EU. New bilateral trade agreements could increase trade with the US, Australia, India and New Zealand.
Additionally, there is a potential that regulations agreed in the past would be re-visited once the UK has exited the EU. This new autonomy could mean that the industry bodies could have more influence in UK legislation than in the past.

The Bad

If the UK will leave the free market, new tariffs and customs taxes could affect international trade with Europe. “In land transport, 99% of international road freight for the UK is to and from the other EU27 nations. As a result, any new tariffs and concurrent trade slowdown could present significant risks to both sea and land transport operations.” (Source)
Leaving the EU would mean there would new laws affecting the UK from the outside. What could that imply in practice? For example: Longer procedures on borders causing delays, UK supply chain companies having a disadvantage compared to their EU rivals when it comes to European trade.
The transportation sector does not exist in a vacuum and macroeconomic developments affect it. The Brexit decision has weakened the pound, increased inflation and dampened consumer confidence. The cost of imports has increased, consumers have shut their wallets and companies invest less due to the economic uncertainty. These developments could have a negative knock-on effect on the transport industry. UK trucking companies will be less likely to invest in long-term projects in times of unpredictability. Less trade with EU member states means less jobs for UK supply chain providers, etc…

The Ugly

The main point of contention when it comes to Brexit and the UK trucking industry, is the potential driver shortage due to stricter immigration policies: “The hardest hit of all the transportation sectors would be trucking, where an acute shortage of UK drivers is being worsened by the prospects of an ageing workforce. Trucking relies heavily on drivers from the EU; truck owners are simply not able to recruit enough British drivers to keep pace with demand. Of the 290,000 drivers of heavy goods vehicles in the UK, approximately 60,000 are from the EU. Any reduction of the sector’s recruitment options will compromise its ability to serve the economy. Any reduction in supply will raise trucking costs for manufacturers.” (Source)
How do you think Brexit will change the UK trucking industry? Do you see any effects already? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.


Download CoPilot GPS Now for a Chance to Win

The journey is the destination this summer! Download CoPilot GPS now for a chance to win a great prize for your travels: A summer travel pack including a travel hammock, car mount and CoPilot app of your choice.

Here’s how to enter:

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The sweepstake closes on 31st July 2017 and the winner will be announced later on the CoPilot Facebook page and CoPilot Twitter. Remember to like or follow to check if you have won. You can find the full Terms and Conditions here >

Good luck!

Just released: New driver-friendly menus, re-designed landscape view & more

The good stuff stays the same but this update brings you improvements based on what is most important to drivers. Things like a new driver-friendly menu for easy tapping and the map zoom buttons, heard that was an important one for our iOS users so we brought them back. Oh, and for all our landscape users, you’ll now see a larger map. Find out what’s in it for you:

New Driver-Friendly Menus

We want to make it easy for drivers to access all the tools they need on the road. That’s why we have created larger, driver-friendly buttons in the menus for easy tapping.

Re-designed Landscape View

We know that 52% of drivers use their navigation app in landscape view. We heard from you that you would like to see more of the map when using CoPilot in landscape view, so we did just that. . With the newest app update you’ll now see a larger map view with directions & ETAs back where you like them.

Split Screen Display for Tablets

Are you an iPad or Android tablet user? We have great news for you: The new split screen now shows a 3D or 2D map view with directions for clearer guidance. Simply tap on the menu and choose “Split Screen” to try it out.

 Zoom Buttons

The map zoom buttons are back for iOS! After popular request we re-introduced the plus/minus zoom buttons for easy adjustment of your navigation view. You will find the zoom buttons on the lower left side of the screen so zoom-in and take a closer look.

Search for Places Easily

We have tweaked the search screen so you can find the places you need more easily. Look for an address by tapping on the “Address” field, search for petrol stations, parking or other POIs, find places online or navigate to one of your contacts or a specific coordinate. Additionally, you can add your home and work address and navigate to your favourites.

Accurate Traffic

With our new smarter traffic updates we’ll frequently check for delays up ahead and further away so you know about changing conditions more quickly. Find out more >

To get the app update, open your App Store or Google PlayStore, find your CoPilot app and install the update. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide > 

Test The New CoPilot Truck GPS App For iOS

Good news for all iPhone and iPad users: The new app CoPilot Truck GPS for iOS is always ready to guide you with clear voice-guided truck directions, reliable offline maps and powerful route planning.

Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided truck navigation, traffic & route planning all in one app. That’s right, you can try the app without any commitment. If you like the app (we’re sure you will!) you can upgrade to 1 year use of voice-guided navigation and traffic or our newly introduced 30 day subscription. Go to Menu > Store to the get the upgrade.

  • Safety First: Create your own personal routing profile(s) with your truck’s height/weight/length/axle and a variety of Hazmat road classes, so you will always drive on the best road for your load type. Avoid low bridges and truck prohibited roads, turns and U-turns.
  • Powerful Route Planning: A choice of 3 routes and comprehensive multi-stop trip planning for up to 100 stops. Plan or modify all your routes with our trip optimisation feature and CoPilot Truck will put them in the best order.
  • Reliable Offline Maps: CoPilot Truck does not need a mobile connection so there’s no risk of being left stranded without maps in mobile dead spots. The maps are stored directly on your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to high data costs or interrupted service.
  • Driver-friendly Directions: CoPilot minimises driver distraction with clear driving views, easy to read turn instructions and fluid uncluttered 3D maps.
  • Clear Voice Directions: Enjoy detailed voice-guided directions with text-to-speech technology to pronounce full street names.
  • Know Your Turn: Safely change lanes and know which lane to be in ahead of a turn with lane indicator arrows, motorway exit sign information with ClearTurn™ visuals make it easy to stay on the right track.
  • ActiveTraffic: Arrive on time with real-time traffic for accurate ETAs and automatic re-routing around delays. A traffic status bar keeps you updated about conditions and delay time on-route.
  • Driver Alerts: Stay safe and out of trouble with speed limit alerts with free database updates.
  • Local Knowledge Everywhere: Navigate like a local with millions of pre-loaded offline places and integrated online search. Quickly find the right restaurant, truck stop and more.

Download the app for free now >

Goodbye Roaming Charges, Hello Europe!

Have you heard? From mid June onwards roaming charges for certain mobile plans in the European Union have been dropped. That means there’s a good chance you can now travel across Europe and use your data without worrying about extra charges. Say goodbye to surprise bills from your mobile provider at the end of the month after a two week holiday at the Costa del Sol. Say goodbye to hunting down cafes that offer WiFi across Paris and weak hotel WiFi in Portugal.

And the best part for CoPilot fans?

  1. You will now be able to use ActiveTraffic when driving abroad without paying a hefty bill at the end of the month if you have a good mobile plan. Check out our map coverage page to see in which countries in Europe you can use ActiveTraffic.
  2. You can still take advantage of CoPilot’s offline capability if you’re driving in areas with low data coverage. Say goodbye to interrupted service (looking at you, Alps!).
  3. If you have a monthly cap on your data usage, you can still use CoPilot’s offline maps to minimise data usage.

So check in with your mobile provider and see how your data plan abroad has changed. Happy travels!

PS: If you’re going to the US or other places around the world, roaming charges will likely still apply. So make sure to turn off your data roaming if you want to avoid hefty bills.

How Do Drivers Use CoPilot?

Have you ever wondered how drivers use sat-nav apps? Are you more of a long-distance road warrior or a daily commuter? With over 16 million app downloads, there is a wide variety in how drivers use our apps. Some prefer landscape mode while others would always use their smartphone in portrait mode while navigating. We asked our CoPilot app fans and received over 2500 responses in the UK and in the US about what’s important for them in a sat-nav app. Check out the highlights in our infographic:

How do you use CoPilot? Tell us in the comments below.