Test The New CoPilot Truck GPS App For iOS

Good news for all iPhone and iPad users: The new app CoPilot Truck GPS for iOS is always ready to guide you with clear voice-guided truck directions, reliable offline maps and powerful route planning.

Includes 14 days FREE voice-guided truck navigation, traffic & route planning all in one app. That’s right, you can try the app without any commitment. If you like the app (we’re sure you will!) you can upgrade to 1 year use of voice-guided navigation and traffic or our newly introduced 30 day subscription. Go to Menu > Store to the get the upgrade.

  • Safety First: Create your own personal routing profile(s) with your truck’s height/weight/length/axle and a variety of Hazmat road classes, so you will always drive on the best road for your load type. Avoid low bridges and truck prohibited roads, turns and U-turns.
  • Powerful Route Planning: A choice of 3 routes and comprehensive multi-stop trip planning for up to 100 stops. Plan or modify all your routes with our trip optimisation feature and CoPilot Truck will put them in the best order.
  • Reliable Offline Maps: CoPilot Truck does not need a mobile connection so there’s no risk of being left stranded without maps in mobile dead spots. The maps are stored directly on your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to high data costs or interrupted service.
  • Driver-friendly Directions: CoPilot minimises driver distraction with clear driving views, easy to read turn instructions and fluid uncluttered 3D maps.
  • Clear Voice Directions: Enjoy detailed voice-guided directions with text-to-speech technology to pronounce full street names.
  • Know Your Turn: Safely change lanes and know which lane to be in ahead of a turn with lane indicator arrows, motorway exit sign information with ClearTurn™ visuals make it easy to stay on the right track.
  • ActiveTraffic: Arrive on time with real-time traffic for accurate ETAs and automatic re-routing around delays. A traffic status bar keeps you updated about conditions and delay time on-route.
  • Driver Alerts: Stay safe and out of trouble with speed limit alerts with free database updates.
  • Local Knowledge Everywhere: Navigate like a local with millions of pre-loaded offline places and integrated online search. Quickly find the right restaurant, truck stop and more.

Download the app for free now >

Goodbye Roaming Charges, Hello Europe!

Have you heard? From mid June onwards roaming charges for certain mobile plans in the European Union have been dropped. That means there’s a good chance you can now travel across Europe and use your data without worrying about extra charges. Say goodbye to surprise bills from your mobile provider at the end of the month after a two week holiday at the Costa del Sol. Say goodbye to hunting down cafes that offer WiFi across Paris and weak hotel WiFi in Portugal.

And the best part for CoPilot fans?

  1. You will now be able to use ActiveTraffic when driving abroad without paying a hefty bill at the end of the month if you have a good mobile plan. Check out our map coverage page to see in which countries in Europe you can use ActiveTraffic.
  2. You can still take advantage of CoPilot’s offline capability if you’re driving in areas with low data coverage. Say goodbye to interrupted service (looking at you, Alps!).
  3. If you have a monthly cap on your data usage, you can still use CoPilot’s offline maps to minimise data usage.

So check in with your mobile provider and see how your data plan abroad has changed. Happy travels!

PS: If you’re going to the US or other places around the world, roaming charges will likely still apply. So make sure to turn off your data roaming if you want to avoid hefty bills.

How Do Drivers Use CoPilot?

Have you ever wondered how drivers use sat-nav apps? Are you more of a long-distance road warrior or a daily commuter? With over 16 million app downloads, there is a wide variety in how drivers use our apps. Some prefer landscape mode while others would always use their smartphone in portrait mode while navigating. We asked our CoPilot app fans and received over 2500 responses in the UK and in the US about what’s important for them in a sat-nav app. Check out the highlights in our infographic:

How do you use CoPilot? Tell us in the comments below.

Highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2017

Tim Cook took to the stage at the annual Apple Developer Conference yesterday to introduce iOS 11, the latest major version of their mobile operating system which powers iPhones and iPads. There are lots of system-wide refinements and new features. See the highlights below:

Do Not Disturb While Driving Mode

The iPhone can detect when you may be driving and automatically silence your incoming alerts and notifications. This should make for a safer driving experience and to not be interrupted while at the wheel. You can turn this mode off in case you are a passenger in the car for example. Driver safety has always been central to CoPilot so we’re pleased to see Apple add driver-safety feature directly in iOS.

Augmented Reality Platform

There are new functions available to developers to build AR apps using the device’s inbuilt motion sensors and cameras. The demos they showed looked really impressive.

A Redesigned App Store

For the first-time since its launch, the App Store is getting an overhaul, similar to the look and feel of Apple’s own Music and News apps. There will be a new ‘Today’ section highlighting an app of the day, along with collections of suggested apps and a new section dedicated to just Games which offers highlighted in-app purchases. Plus app store listings can now include additional videos.

iPad Productivity Features

A whole range of iPad-only features were demo’ed including drag & drop, a new app switcher for improved multitasking, customisable dockbar at the bottom which can now have more apps. There’s an improved QuickType keyboard with suggestions based on Apple News articles you’ve read and quicker access to numbers and punctuation. Instant Markup allows you to markup a PDF or screenshot with notes and there’s a new document scanner which can automatically crop the edges. In all it makes the iPad a more productive device for working between multiple apps.

Redesigned Control Center

The layout has been rearranged and now fits on one screen and implements 3D touch for additional options, sliders to adjust volume and brightness. Many of the options are now customisable for the first time too.

Smarter Siri

There are new male and female voices which sound more natural and a new learning system will adapt to the way you use your device to offer more personalised responses based on the time, your location, your interests and Safari favourites etc. A new translation feature for Chinese, French, German, Italian or Spanish be available (in beta) too.

Improved Messages App

A drawer at the bottom offers options for stickers and message apps. You can now use the app to send money to contacts directly via Apple Pay.

iOS 11 is expected to be released this autumn.

Apple also announced new iPad Pro models with improved brighter screens which now supports HDR video and faster refresh rates along with faster processors, improved cameras, and Touch ID 2. The 9.7” model has been replaced with a 10.5” screen model which has a similar sized footprint and smaller bezels.

See more at: https://www.apple.com/

Size Matters: Customise Your Caravan Routing

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why CoPilot Caravan safely calculates your route based on your caravan’s dimensions so you only drive on roads suitable for your caravan size and class.

Here’s how to set up your customised caravan routing profile:

  1. In the main menu, tap Route > Vehicle Routing Profiles
  2. Select Caravan as your vehicle type, tap View/Edit
  3. Choose Caravan Dimensions
  4. You can select from a list of industry standard caravan dimensions or use the ‘Custom size restrictions’ option to enter the Max Height, Max Width, Caravan Length and Total Weight of your Caravan/Motorhome.
  5. Almost done, just enter a name for your caravan profile and save it.

You’re all set. CoPilot Caravan is ready to take you on your next adventure.

How to get in-app upgrades?

We’d like to make it easy for you to navigate with CoPilot and get all the features you need on the road. You downloaded CoPilot GPS and you want to continue using the app after your trial has expired? Or you planned a road trip to France and are looking for the right maps? Perhaps your traffic service has expired and you’d like to purchase another 12 months so you can avoid traffic when you commute. Here is how you can get all the handy navigation features you need in CoPilot via in-app purchase (= feature you can buy directly in the app):

How to upgrade to full 3D voice-guided navigation in CoPilot GPS?

From your driving screen, go to the Main Menu > Store and tap on Unlimited Premium Voice -Guided Navigation. You will then be asked to sign in with your Apple ID/Touch ID/Google ID. Make sure that your payment information is correctly set up in iTunes or Google Play. Once you confirm the purchase, you will see a green checkmark  next to the feature. Now you’re all set to navigate with 3D maps, automatic re-routing and voice guidance.

How to buy additional maps?

From your driving screen, go to the Main Menu > Store and scroll to the MAPS section. Here you can see a choice of map upgrades available. Tap on the additional map you’d like to buy and you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID/Touch ID/Google ID. Make sure that your payment information is correctly set up in iTunes or Google Play. Once you confirm the purchase, you will see a green checkmark  next to the feature. Now it’s time to discover new places!

How to buy/extend Active Traffic?

From your driving screen, go to the Main Menu > Store and tap on ActiveTrafficTo purchase 1 year of ActiveTraffic, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID/Touch ID/Google ID. Make sure that your payment information is correctly set up in iTunes or Google Play. Once you confirm the purchase, you will see a green checkmark  next to the feature. Say goodbye to traffic jams!

Notes: CoPilot GPS customers will have to purchase the Unlimited 3D Voice-Guided Navigation upgrade before being able to purchase any additional maps and/or ActiveTraffic. Some apps may not have all in-app upgrades available. Please check directly in your app/appstore for current pricing. To find our more about licenses, please visit our help centre >

Share a photo from your travels to win great prizes

Travel more, travel better this spring! Enter our spring contest now for a chance to win a great prize for your travels:

1st prize: Win a camping set + a CoPilot app

2nd prize: Win 1 of 5 travel hammocks + a CoPilot app

3rd prize: Win 1 of 3 car mounts + a CoPilot app

Here’s how to enter:


  1. Visit CoPilot on Facebook and like our page
  2. Scroll to the spring contest Facebook post
  3. Submit a scenic holiday picture you took on your travels with CoPilot in the contest form. Remember, the more creative the pic, the higher your chances to win


Twitter Pic

  1. Visit CoPilot on Twitter and follow us
  2. Scroll to the spring contest Twitter post
  3. RT the following comment:

4. Reply to the post with a scenic picture you took on your travels with CoPilot. Remember, the more creative the pic, the higher your chances to win.

The sweepstake closes on 1st May 2017 and the winners and winning pictures – chosen by our CoPilot jury panel – will be announced later on the CoPilot Facebook page and CoPilot Twitter. Remember to like or follow to check if you have won. You can find the full Terms and Conditions here >

Good luck!

How to Avoid Bridge Strikes?

Bridge strikes occur when drivers with high or wide vehicles strike a bridge and cause damage to the infrastructure. 2013/2014 saw a staggering number of 1708 bridge strikes in the UK. According to Network Rail, this is a 9.9% increase compared to the previous year.

Bridge strikes are a safety risk to drivers, pedestrians and train passengers and staff alike. Since critical strikes cause rail and road traffic delays as well as repair costs for vehicles and infrastructure, they are expensive for truck owners and rail operators. Here are some tips on how to avoid bridge strikes:

1. Know your vehicle dimensions


Before you set off, make sure that you know your vehicle height and width by heart. Please note that your truck’s height can vary slightly according to the adjustment of the fifth wheel and if the the trailer is loaded or unloaded.

2. Plan a truck-safe route

photo-12-10-2015-11-09-48 photo-23-09-2015-12-32-36

Use CoPilot Truck to plan a route that is safe and compliant on truck-legal roads. First, enter your vehicle dimensions in the app. Second, plan your trip. CoPilot will calculate the best route available for your vehicle. Make sure that you use a sat-nav that is built for truck drivers and not for cars and takes into account your truck’s size.

3. Check traffic signs


(Image from https://www.gov.uk/guidance/traffic-sign-images)

Last but not least, make sure you always check for traffic signs, white lines on the road for arch bridges and other warnings when you approach a bridge.

Here you can find a good practice guide for truck drivers to avoid bridge strikes https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/28626/bridgestrikesprofdrivers.pdf

Meet Your All New CoPilot – Android App Update Now Available


CoPilot version 10 to be precise, and it’s a complete overhaul built specifically to meet the demands of you, the driver. We’ve left no stone unturned to improve every detail of the app, from the driving screens and maps to the routing and menu options.


CoPilot is now safer, faster and easier to use.  Here are some of the features:

  • Strikingly simpler to use. Menus are redesigned to put the tools you need on the road a tap away. Enjoy quick, easy access to search and planning tools, mute directions and end navigation.
  • Transformed maps. CoPilot’s non-distracting maps are now lightning fast too, with pinch zoom, fluid map panning and scrolling!
  • Re-engineered ActiveTraffic. New, improved live traffic status sidebar, accurate ETAs that factor in live traffic conditions in planning and better re-routing around delays.
  • More efficient trip planning. Now automatically view and compare 3 route options with accurate ETAs for every route. Effectively plan even the most complex itineraries.
  • Polished driver-friendly screens. Guidance screens are even clearer and easier to read and follow at a glance while driving
  • Easier destination search. A new search screen makes it easier to find addresses and search millions of Points of Interest
  • More prominent speed limit & safety camera alerts.  Know immediately if you stray over the local limit or you’re on the approach to a camera

And much more, so jump in and explore! Download the app update from Google Play today. We hope you enjoy your new CoPilot. Share your experience with a review or on our user forum.

Your Map Update for Europe

Get your new map update now bringing you over 225 000 miles of roads and 180 000 new POIs across Europe. As we all know, maps are at the heart of any sat-nav system, and keeping them up-to-date is important. This is why we are happy to say we are offering our CoPilot users a free European map update* to ensure everyone has reliable offline maps wherever they are heading to this winter. Go to Settings > About CoPilot to find out if you have the latest maps (2016.03) and learn how to get the most up-to-date maps >

Need help with the latest map update? See our FAQ >

photo-08-11-2016-10-19-03-1Photo 10-12-2014 1 52 47 pm

High quality maps

To make sure our maps are the highest standard, in Europe we use premium quality maps from HERE, as used by most leading sat-nav systems. You can store maps directly on your device, but you don’t need to download all of the maps at once thanks to our intelligent map management. Once you’ve licensed a region such as Europe, you can manage which regions/countries, for example UK & Ireland you need maps for and save a lot of space on your device. Learn how to manage your maps>


Enjoy your drive

Offline maps are important because they provide the driver peace of mind – with no data costs to you at home and no data roaming abroad. You have access to all the detailed, street-level maps directly on your device so you can use your navigation offline without having to rely on your mobile network.  So whether you are driving in the Alps without mobile network coverage or have disabled data roaming in Spain, you can relax and simply enjoy driving: CoPilot will guide you offline with full-spoken, turn-by-turn directions along your route.


Enjoy your destination

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! CoPilot apps have thousands of offline points of interest from hotels, restaurants and attractions to car parks, petrol stations and car hire, so you can explore the destination without data roaming.

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our European apps here>

*The latest maps are available for your licensed region only. Due to the increasing size of our Europe maps, we had to remove the country of Turkey from our Europe map region. Learn more >