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Device spotlight: Samsung Galaxy S II

The march of Android continues unabated. No matter which market share statistic you care to read, Google’s mobile operating system goes from strength to strength, giving Apple’s iPhone (but not so much the iPad) a run for it’s money and sweeping aside previously dominant phone manufacturers like Nokia. In terms of sheer growth in handset […]

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“Spelling the end of your in-car-Sat Nav” – CoPilot Live in Stuff’s Top 100 Apps Ever

We’ve been predicting the end of the dedicated satnav for a while – so its nice when top gadget magazine, Stuff endorses this line of thinking. Their perceptive observation appears in a review of CoPilot Live Premium as part of their feature “100 Best Apps Ever”. In the context of the 1000s of apps out there we regard this as […]

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CoPilot Live Premium – now available for iPhone and 3G iPads

We are excited to announce that our CoPilot Live Premium apps have been approved by Apple and are now available on the iTunes app store. It’s two weeks since we launched Premium on the Android Market, where it quickly raced to the top of the paid app charts. As with Android, our iOS apps are […]

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Installing CoPilot Live Premium to a new device or after upgrading your ROM

We’ve had a number of CoPilot Live Premium customers contact us asking how to re-install the app to a new device or after upgrading an Android device ROM. Here’s the steps you’ll need to take to avoid activation issues. *Please note that we cannot guarantee support for unofficial or pre-release Android ROMs* 1. Uninstall CoPilot […]

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How to transfer a v8 Traffic Subscription to CoPilot Live Premium

One of the great new features in our new CoPilot Live Premium app is the introduction of the ActiveTraffic service. Available as an optional 12 month subscription, it takes into account real-time traffic flow along your route to calculate the fastest way to your destination. If a severe delay occurs on route, CoPilot Live will […]

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CoPilot Live Premium – Some Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been 4 days since we launched CoPilot Live Premium for Android, and we’re naturally pleased to see it storming up the Android Market charts. It looks like our 50% launch discount is proving extremely popular – so much so that our activation servers have been operating close to capacity since Monday. We’d like to […]

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