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Still in the game: Nokia announces new tablet and large screen phones

It’s been a traumatic few years for Nokia. After seeing their seemingly invincible phone market share savaged by Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, many observers saw the company as being in terminal decline. Perhaps the lowest point was the recent announcement that Nokia’s phones business is to be sold to Microsoft. So is it game […]

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Google’s heads-up into the spotlight

Google Nexus 7 jelly bean sat nav

The battle of mobile platform supremacy has been heating-up over the past couple of weeks. Firstly Apple announced the latest incarnation of their desktop and mobile operating systems: Mountain Lion and iOS 6. While these will bring a wide range of incremental enhancements, the much-anticipated announcement of Apple’s own mapping service – in place of […]

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“A powerhouse of a smartphone” – It’s the all-new Samsung Galaxy III

According to many industry commentators, the battle for smartphone supremacy is becoming a two horse race between Apple and Samsung. Of course there are also those who would disagree, not least HTC, whose One X is proving to be a huge hit. However currently, it’s clear that Samsung has been the most successful in giving […]

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How to keep moving in London this summer

Just 4 months to go from today until the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. So far preparations for the sporting events themselves appear to be going very smoothly. However, in typical style, the british media has been hunting for negatives, with ticket allocation, legacy use of the main stadium and anticpiated traffic congestion all regularly […]

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Road Tolls heading to UK?

Once again, pay-per-use roads are back in the news today, with a debate about whether additional toll roads could help fund future investment in the road network. Drivers in continental Europe and US would probably be surprised to realise just how few road tolls exit in UK – in most countries it is common place […]

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It’s “New iPad” day!!!

So today sees the arrival of the interestingly named “New iPad” in Apple Stores. As has become customary, hundreds of people have been queuing-up to – some for days – to be the first to get their hands on the latest and greatest kit from Cupertino. And of course the CoPilot air hostesses are there […]

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CoPilot Live Premium Customer Survey – the results are in

Towards the end of last year we conducted a survey of CoPilot Live Premium customers to help us understand what our customers would like improved in the app and which features people would like to see added. Quite simply we were overwhelmed at the huge number of responses we’ve received, and we’d like to thank […]

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Android Marches On

It’s almost 2 weeks since Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, and it rather feels like business as usual with 3 announcements that will surely see the Android platform continue to gather momentum. 1)      Ice Cream Sandwich. Last week saw the announcement of the 4th version of Android – “Ice Cream Sandwich”. […]

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iPhone 4S – hits the spot

When Apple announced the iPhone 4S last week, the instant reaction from many observers was one of disappointment both due to the rather low-key presentation and the lack of an all-new iPhone 5. In hindsight the muted atmosphere was completely understandable as we now know Steve Jobs sadly passed away a day later. We can […]

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iPhone 4S anyone?

So, after an extraordinary few months of speculation and conjecture, Apple unveiled their 5th version iPhone. And, to the dismay of many, it wasn’t an all-new iPhone 5. All hail the iPhone 4S! In hindsight, it’s rather hard to understand quite how virtually every tech ‘expert’, blogger, commentator and analyst became convinced that a redesigned […]

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