CoPilot Tips: Drive your way, every day with CommuteMe

Our new feature CommuteMe™ learns your preferred daily commute and provides real-time traffic* and ETA info along that personal route you love. You know the one that gets you to work and home for dinner on time!

CommuteMe uses ActiveTraffic™ to automatically scan your route and display any delays that will affect your daily drive.  You will need to have ActiveTraffic activated to receive the real time traffic information. If you don’t already have it, go to MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades.

Getting started with CommuteMe™

  1. First, make sure to enter your Home and Work addresses in My Places. To do this,  tap Go To>  My Place  > Favorites
  2. When you’re ready to begin your daily drive, select Go To>  My Place  > Favorites. Once there, choose Work (or Home if you’re leaving work) from the list of your favorties.
  3. This next step is easy – tap GO and just drive your commute.  CommuteMe™ will  automatically recognize when you begin driving near your home/work and when you arrive at the other end of the commute.  CommuteMe™ learns the unique route for both directions of your drive.
  4. Once you’ve reached your destination, you will be asked to if this is the preferred route that you’d like to saveCommute-copilot
  5. With your preferred commute route saved, CoPilot will check your location each time it is started.  If CoPilot recognizes you are near a commute starting location – you will be prompted to take your preferred route and you are shown traffic and ETA for that route.
  6. If for any reason your commute changes just begin driving the new route and, after a couple trips, CoPilot will learn the new route.
  7. You can also choose time of the day and which days of the week you’d like to use CommuteMe in the feature settings. Simply check what time and which days you’ll be using your preferred route.
  8. If you’re not heading home or to work, you can simply exit the commute screen by tapping the x at the top right.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality – safe travels! 🙂

Introducing CoPilot v9.6 with CommuteMe: Drive your way, every day.

DrivingHome-Device-WireframesIt’s update time again, and as ever our dev team has been working tirelessly to bring you exciting new features, fixes and an array of improvements you’ve requested – just in time for the Spring travel season.

Here’s what’s new in v9.6:

CommuteMe™: Drive your way, every day.

CoPilot’s great for guiding you to unfamiliar places and now it’s ready to make your daily drive to work and home more predictable and less stressful.

CommuteMe is designed to make even the most familiar route – you know the one that gets you to work and home for dinner on time – more predictable. CommuteMe intelligently learns your preferred daily  route, automatically scans it for traffic and gives you the most accurate arrival time possible. If you decide to change your usual route, no problem – CommuteMe will recognize the change and update the saved route.

Here’s how to get started with CommuteMe >

Improved POI Search on Your Route 

We’ve improved the POI search results on your route to find the closest POIs and avoid wasting time and fuel driving too far out of your way or backtracking to a POI you’re already passed.

Add a POI as Your Next Stop 

By popular demand, you can now add a POI as your next stop without altering your final destination.

Drag-and-Drop Trip Planning

CoPilot makes planning trips with multiple stops easy and now you can drag and drop stops up or down within your trip to plan your route.

Change your CoPilot ID

Another popular request, you can now change your CoPilot ID (email address) directly within CoPilot. Just go to MyCoPilot > My Account.

Navigate to Decimal Minutes Coordinates

If you are a fan of geo tagging or want to navigate to specific coordinates – we have added Decimal Minutes Coordinates back to the application. Have fun!

Windows Phone 8 Voice Command Support

For Windows Phone 8 users, CoPilot will respond to voice commands for hands-free control. Just say, “CoPilot, take me home,” or “CoPilot, take me to work,” and the app will do just that.

+ Free safety camera update in Europe (excluding France and Switzerland)!


Our free app updates for CoPilot Premium and CoPilot GPS iOS, Android and WP8 apps are available immediately (iOS via iTunes and Android via Google Play and our web store)

Like the update? Let us know with a review or rating on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store … or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.

Got great ideas or think we could improve? Please do keep us up to date and help us improve the app in our customer forum:

We hope you like it – safe travels!

CoPilot Travel Tips: best places to visit this spring

It is spring and time to travel! Or at least time to plan your upcoming summer holidays. The CoPilot team has put together a list of our favourite places to visit in Europe, which we hope will serve as an inspiration!

It is also the perfect time to get CoPilot sat nav with offline European maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad: for a limited time you can save 20% off the regular price of our Europe sat nav apps.  SAVE NOW >

Here are our top spring travel destinations:

Lake Como – Italy

Lake Como in Italy (45.809179, 9.083923) is the must-see place this spring with its beautiful scenery, refreshing lake and amazing food.


Gardens of Claude Monet – France

If you are driving through France, don’t miss the famous gardens of impressionist painter Claude Monet in Giverny (49.0753, 1.533705) – beautiful!


Salinas de Torrevieja – Spain

Looking for something different? Then drive off to the Salinas de Torrevieja in Spain (38.009300, -0.699873). The water of the lake is pink, thanks to tiny algae that live in the salt water. Ah and there are plenty of pink flamingos out there too!


Øresund Bridge – Sweden/Denmark

If you are planning a trip to the north, or coming down to South from Scandinavia, don’t miss the Øresund Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden (55.583524, 12.794434) Part of the bridge goes underwater to let ships pass, meaning that you drive down in the water and then come out on the other side. Impressive engineering!


Hotel Äscher-Wildkirchli – Switzerland

In every season Hotel Äscher-Wildkirchli near Appenzell, Switzerland (47.289476, 9.4142) is one of the most beautiful places to stay! Enjoy the amazing scenery and refreshing air.


Cappadocia – Turkey

With its subterranean cities, cave houses, and enchanting landscape, Cappadocia in Turkey (38.651466, 34.844658) is one of the most extraordinary places on the planet.


We hope you like our list of top destinations in Europe and if you are planning to visit these breathtaking places this spring, let us know how your trip went on our Facebook, Google + or Twitter pages.

And of course – whether you drive to the destination or rent a car, don’t forget to pack your offline sat nav with you.

Safe travels!

Spring Travel Sale: 20% off CoPilot Europe Maps and Apps!

sale-copilot-gpsSpring is here and there is no better time to make most of it and travel!  With the long weekend ahead, it’s the perfect time to get CoPilot sat nav with offline European maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad. Plus for a limited time you can save 20% off the regular price of our Europe sat nav apps.  SAVE NOW > 

CoPilot’s European apps include premium quality street maps of the whole of Western & Eastern Europe, so wherever you are heading (from Norway to Turkey), you can always be sure to find your way in your own language. There is no need to store ALL of Europe on your device though – simply add and remove just the countries / regions you need – when you need them – to save precious space on your mobile.

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our European apps here

Spring Travel Sale: Get Europe CoPilot Sat Nav with 20% off!

(sale ends on 21th April 2014)


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Got our CoPilot GPS app? We’ve got a great Spring Travel Offer  for you too:

CoPilot Gps IconCoPilot GPS

Get 20% off Europe in-app map upgrades

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Our CoPilot Premium & CoPilot GPS apps are available on Google Play , the iTunes App Store and the Windows Phone Store.  You can purchase additional map regions via in-app purchase.  Go to MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades

If you have questions visit us at the CoPilot community forum where we’re always available to help: or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.:)

Wherever you are travelling this Spring, we wish you safe travels from everyone at team CoPilot!


Win a CoPilot Commute Survival Kit!

Commute-satnavWe know the daily Commute can be a battle. Here at CoPilot, we’re always looking to make all of your car journeys easier and would love to hear what YOUR personal experience is like – it will help us to help you.

We’ve got a couple of questions about your commute, your daily trip to and from work. Answer the questions by 8th of April for a chance to win an exclusive CoPilot Commute Survival Package complete with:

– CoPilot Premium Offline Sat Nav App of your choice

– 1 Year Free of ActiveTraffic™ to avoid the traffic jams

– CoPilot USB Car Charger for your device

– A premium quality in-car smartphone mount

To enter, simply complete the questionnaire on:


  1. Like CoPilot on Facebook
  2. Click on the “Commute quiz” tab
  3. Fill out the form

Using Mobile, Google+, or Twitter?

Fill up the questionnaire here>

We will share the results and announce the winner here on the blog as well as on our social channels – thank you very much for participating and good luck!

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Apple announces CarPlay

ios-carThe relationship between smartphones (and tablets) and cars is arguably the primary front line in consumer technology currently. Mobile devices have become integral within our daily lives, providing us with access to entertainment, information and other content wherever we are, whenever we want. However interacting with a phone in-car can at best be considered distracting, and in many countries simply illegal.

The dilemma for the car industry is that drivers want to be able to use their phones and access content in-car. We want to be able to do so with the same ease of use that the phones themselves offer.

Unfortunately this has not happened yet thanks to a lack of a common way of connecting mobile devices to the car. The closest we’ve seen to date has been MirrorLink, a standard which is supported by several major car manufacturers including VW and Honda, as well as some of the largest phone vendors, most noticeably Samsung and Nokia.

The glaring problem is that MirrorLink is not supported by everyone, and most critically that includes Apple who announced their own solution for iPhone and iPad last summer: iOS in the Car. Meanwhile back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Google announced their own initiative for Android: the Open Automotive Alliance.

So there’s still no common way for cars and smartphones to connect.

Apple officially announced  at the Geneva International Motor Show 2014 a new name for iOS In The Car: “CarPlay” to enable seamless access to certain iOS features through in-car infotainment system ‘head units’. As with MirrorLink and the Open Automotive Alliance, the primary goal is to provide access to content in a non-distracting driver-friendly manner, however Apple’s initial implementation seems somewhat limited initially. Firstly it requires the device to be connected using a lightening cable, which rules-out iPhone 4S and iPad 3, although Honda suggested that WiFi support will come soon. It will be available with new cars from an impressive number of leading brands, but not all – most noticeably VW who have previously stated their support for MirrorLink, and surprisingly Tesla, despite their being considered a possible acquisition target for Apple recently.

The main limitations at launch though is the services that CarPlay will support. These consist simply of core iOS apps including iPod, iTunes Radio, iMessage, Phone and of course Apple Maps. All controlled by Siri voice commands, touch screens and dials. A small number of additional independent music playing apps will also be available, but compared with the choice of apps on the iTunes app store it seems sparse.

We expect that drivers will want to access a much wider range of apps when driving. Of course these should require additional certification for safe in-car use to minimize distraction on the road and avoid unnecessary interaction while driving. We think in particular that drivers will want a choice of alternative navigation solutions to the standard Apple Maps app, whether to access offline maps, enjoy advanced car navigation features like lane guidance and safety camera warnings, or purely for comprehensive street map coverage in their region.

We are already optimising CoPilot’s guidance display to better support automotive-grade in-car infotainment standards, and we were excited to be able to demo MirrorLink at Mobile World Congress in February. We hope we’ll have an opportunity to extend the CoPilot experience to CarPlay too.

In the meantime, the fact remains: different smartphone platforms connect to cars in different ways., and that seems unlikely to change soon. Car manufacturers  will probably need offer infotainment systems that support multiple standards. The alternative would be to risk alienating a significant number of smartphone owning prospective buyers.

Will car buyers choose their car based on the smartphone they own or the other way round? The wrestling match between the car and smartphone industry looks set to enter a new dimension, yet will likely remain unresolved in the foreseeable future.

Accelerate your CoPilot GPS with an upgrade to unlimited voice- guided 3D navigation

We know you love your CoPilot GPS and we’ve got even more ways for you to enjoy navigating!

Upgrade your GPS experience to get lifetime use of:

  • Voice-guided, turn by turn navigation
  • 3D map views
  • Automatic route recalculation
  • Speed limit warnings
  • Realistic ClearTurn™ display
  • Lane arrows and sign info at highway exits

Buy these great features from only £17.49 / €21.99

Ready? Here’s how to upgrade:

Open your CoPilot GPS app and choose MyCoPilot – > Features & Upgrades












Choose Full voice-guided 3D Navigation


Tell your friends about CoPilot GPS

We hope you‘ve enjoyed travelling with your CoPilot GPS. Now spread the word to your friends so they can join the CoPilot community of over 10 million happy drivers worldwide.


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CoPilot® Previews Next Generation Intelligent GPS Navigation Technology

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 23, 2014 — ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics™ and navigation software, is previewing next generation guidance features and connected car technology for its award-winning CoPilot® mobile GPS navigation app platform.

 The new innovations, showcased at Mobile World Congress 2014, are designed to make future CoPilot apps more adaptive, intuitive and integrated into a driver’s daily routine.



CommuteMe™ makes everyday driving quicker, easier and more predictable by intelligently learning a driver’s preferred route to and from work. It then automatically scans the route for traffic to avoid delays and provide an accurate estimated time of arrival. If a driver alters their preferred route, CommuteMe recognizes the change and proactively adapts. View image gallery.


Ever wonder which route is the fastest at a particular time of day? ActiveRoutes™ intelligently answers this question. It uses actual road speed data and the time of the day to accurately predict the fastest route – any time of day and day of the week.

MirrorLink™ Connected Car Demo

CoPilot has long been ready for the connected car revolution and designed for safe, non-distracting in-car guidance. ALK will be demonstrating CoPilot running with MirrorLink™ at Mobile World Congress, in partnership with leading automotive solutions provider, HUML GmBh. View demo video.

CoPilot for Windows 8 Tablets

CoPilot’s roots were in Windows OS, with the world’s first desktop trip-planning software providing door-to-door directions in 1995. Now CoPilot’s dependable offline, in-car navigation and mapping experience is coming to Windows 8.1 tablets such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Dell Venue Pro.

Integrated Navigation Fleet Solution Exceeds 500k Drivers Worldwide

Adopted by over half a million working drivers operating across a wide range of industry sectors including utilities, emergency services, postal, delivery and courier services, CoPilot Professional has become the “go to” GPS navigation and route optimization solution of choice for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and international hardware manufacturers. Read full release.

Company representatives will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss CoPilot’s integrated navigation capabilities.

For More information:

Visit CoPilot at Mobile World Congress 2014: App Planet, Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1D59.

Demonstrations will be available on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Image gallery

About ALK Technologies, Inc.

ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics™ and navigation software, develops innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers.

For more information on ALK Technologies, visit: or follow us at:

A Note on Availability

The information presented is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. ALK Technologies is under no legal obligation to deliver any future products, features or functions within any specified time frame, if at all. Release dates and content are subject to change at ALK’s sole discretion.



CoPilot® Professional – The integrated GPS solution for over half a million working drivers

dolphin_black CP Growing installed base exceeds 500k worldwide, proving that for business, it’s better to have CoPilot Professional on-board.  

Mobile World Congress 2014, Barcelona, 23rd February 2014  — ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics™ and navigation software is pleased to announce that its leading integrated navigation software, CoPilot Professional, has now  exceeded the landmark half a million installed base world-wide.

Integrated with field service and other third party products on a handheld device, tablet or laptop, CoPilot Professional has become the ”go to” GPS software of choice for leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and international hardware manufacturers.

As a result, a broad range of organisations in industry sectors as diverse as utilities, emergency services, postal, delivery and courier have adapted CoPilot Professional to become an integral part of their overall mobile strategy.

Uses include:

–          Guidance for 8,000 field technicians working for some of Europe’s largest utilities companies

–          Reducing new driver training time from 30 to three days for a leading parcel delivery company

–          Relied on by nine out of 12  of the UK’s NHS Ambulance Authorities for Patient Transfer

Dan Popkin, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, ALK Technologies, remarked:

“We’re delighted to have exceeded the landmark of a 500K installed user base for CoPilot Professional. It demonstrates that when integrated navigation becomes a critical component of the mobile worker process, credibility counts and there is no real alternative to a robust, flexible, on-board solution.”

For More information: Visit CoPilot at Mobile World Congress 2014: App Planet, Hall 8.1, Stand 8.1D59.

Media Contact:  Pauliina Jamsa at ALK Technologies:

About ALK Technologies, Inc.

ALK Technologies, a global leader in GeoLogistics™ and navigation software, develops innovative solutions for transportation, logistics, mobile workforces and consumers.

For more information on ALK Technologies, visit: or follow us at:

CoPilot Insider Tip: How to See Only Relevant POIs?

POIs are great. But seeing all icons on the map while driving can be quite distracting. Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually see ONLY petrol stations while you are driving or ONLY nearest parking in the city centre? Well good news is –with CoPilot you can.

Step by step instructions:

1. Go to Settings and select map display

poi-copilot2. Select “Show POIs on Map”

copilot-gps3. Set POIs on maps to “Always” and tap “Currently displayed POIS”

copilot-satnav4. Select POIs you wish to see, for example “Petrol station” or “Parking”

copilot-parking5. Enjoy – you can now see the POIs you want while you drive and find easily the nearest petrol station on the route or parking in the city.


So, next time you travel you can worry a little bit less. As you are able to see petrol stations on your route while you drive, you can be sure to find one near-by when your petrol starts running low … and if your children need a toilet break – again – you can easily see where the nearest station is. On the other hand, if you are driving in the city, with “Parking” enabled you’ll park your car in no time.

Useful? Yes. Safer? Definitely.  With this setting you can see relevant POIs without playing with the device screen or getting distracted while trying to look out for sign.

We hope you liked our little insider tip. We wish you a great start for year 2014!