CoPilot Tips & Tricks II – Multi-Stop Trip Planning

Autumn and winter can be busy periods for drivers: The kids are back at school and need to be picked up from their sports or music lessons. Christmas is looming on the horizon and so is the inevitable shopping spree. The Christmas timeis a well-deserved break to visit relatives or go on a small city adventure.

How do you find the best route to your destination when you have many stops on your way? With CoPilot’s multi-stop trip planning tools you can add up to 100 stops to your route and CoPilot will calculate the best route. Here’s how it works:

How to plan a multi-stop trip?

First, add all your stops (yellow dots) and final destination (red dot) by using the Plan menu and tapping Add Stop. You can use any of CoPilot’s search tools to find the correct address:

  • Home or Work
  • Address
  • POIs (such as petrol stations, banks, parking, shopping centres,…)
  • Recents
  • Favourites
  • Search Online

Once you have found the right stop, add it to your route with the blue plus sign. CoPilot lets you calculate routes with up to 100 stops (!).

How to bring your stops in the best order?


Now that you have added all your stops, tap the three dots menu on the upper right hand corner. Choose Optimise Stops to arrange the stops in the best order. You can choose if you want to include your final destination or not. If your final destination is your home or work for example, we recommend you do not include it in the optimisation. Select Calculate and you’re all set.

You want to find out more about trip planning? Check out this handy video tutorial: