Travel Tips With ActiveTraffic

Being stuck in traffic is never fun, especially when it’s Friday. Before hitting the road, you might want to read this. Sitting in traffic can be so frustrating (just try not to imagine all the ways you could better spend that time) and can even burn a hole in your pocket with fuel costs. According to, commuters in the UK spend 30 hours per year sat in traffic. London drivers are even worse off, spending 73.4 hours per year in the infamous London traffic jams. London is the second most congested city in all of Europe. If that makes you throw your hands up in despair, you’re not alone. We feel your pain.

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Here’s why:

1.Not being stuck in traffic means you’ll save time AND petrol – great for your wallet.

2. Whether commuting to work, running an errand or on a weekend getaway, you’ll appreciate a stress free trip with a lot less time spent on the road and more time spent at your destination.

3. Right now, it costs less than a gallon of petrol to keep your sanity and avoid the traffic chaos.

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