On the Move This Summer – Part 1

Joe and his family will make their way from London all the way to Portugal’s Algarve, through France and Spain. Sounds like an awesome trip, right?

Trip planning: Where to go?

The one thing they’ve made sure to take care of before leaving is planning their entire trip. All their stops, all their adventures, pre-planned. Wait, you can plan the most epic journey of all time with over 50 stops in ONE app? Yep.

Easily change your route for a well-deserved break from behind the wheel

You might be thinking: What if Joe needs to find a place to rest sooner than the one they planned? Let’s be honest, there are times you need a little break. Well, you can easily find campsites and places to refuel yourself.  This way, the kids won’t be cranky and everyone will stay happy.

Alright…back to the trip planning.


Not only did Joe plug in all their stops but he definitely doesn’t want to get lost when the mobile signal gets spotty. Stay tuned to find out how the journey continued….


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