Just released: New driver-friendly menus, re-designed landscape view & more

The good stuff stays the same but this update brings you improvements based on what is most important to drivers. Things like a new driver-friendly menu for easy tapping and the map zoom buttons, heard that was an important one for our iOS users so we brought them back. Oh, and for all our landscape users, you’ll now see a larger map. Find out what’s in it for you:

New Driver-Friendly Menus

We want to make it easy for drivers to access all the tools they need on the road. That’s why we have created larger, driver-friendly buttons in the menus for easy tapping.

Re-designed Landscape View

We know that 52% of drivers use their navigation app in landscape view. We heard from you that you would like to see more of the map when using CoPilot in landscape view, so we did just that. . With the newest app update you’ll now see a larger map view with directions & ETAs back where you like them.

Split Screen Display for Tablets

Are you an iPad or Android tablet user? We have great news for you: The new split screen now shows a 3D or 2D map view with directions for clearer guidance. Simply tap on the menu and choose “Split Screen” to try it out.

 Zoom Buttons

The map zoom buttons are back for iOS! After popular request we re-introduced the plus/minus zoom buttons for easy adjustment of your navigation view. You will find the zoom buttons on the lower left side of the screen so zoom-in and take a closer look.

Search for Places Easily

We have tweaked the search screen so you can find the places you need more easily. Look for an address by tapping on the “Address” field, search for petrol stations, parking or other POIs, find places online or navigate to one of your contacts or a specific coordinate. Additionally, you can add your home and work address and navigate to your favourites.

Accurate Traffic

With our new smarter traffic updates we’ll frequently check for delays up ahead and further away so you know about changing conditions more quickly. Find out more >

To get the app update, open your App Store or Google PlayStore, find your CoPilot app and install the update. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide > 

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