Unlock CoPilot’s Next Generation App Features – Part 2

Welcome back to the best features of CoPilot’s new app version 10! Here is part 2 of our blog series, you can find part 1 here >. Find out about optimising stops, saving favourites and much more:

Change your current destination

Replace your current destination by tapping on the grey “To:” destination box at the top of the planning screen MAP. Now enter your new destination and enjoy your drive.


Repeat the last voice instruction

You missed the last voice instruction? No problem, just tap on the yellow turn arrow on the bottom of your screen and the turn instruction will be repeated.


Optimise stops

You have planned a perfect trip with many stops. But how do you bring these stops in the optimal order to avoid detours? Go to the planning screen and tap the three menu dots in the top right corner. Hit “Optimise Stops” and decide if you want to include the final destination. CoPilot will then calculate the most efficient route through your stops.

If you want to change the order of your stops, go to the planning menu PLAN and simply drag and drop the stops into your preferred position.


Weather at your destination

Do you want to know if you should pack sunglasses or an umbrella for your trip? CoPilot shows you the current weather at your destination when you add a new stop.


Add to favourites

Quickly add your preferred rest stop, petrol station, parking, etc. as a favourite by tapping on the empty star symbol on top of the screen and name the place. If you have added a place as a favourite already, the star symbol will be yellow.

Add home and work

Head to the search menu and easily add your home and work address by tapping on the symbols. You are now ready to set up CoPilot’s innovative CommuteMe feature. Go to Settings > CommuteMe.


The new generation of CoPilot apps are available on iOS. The update will be available for Android soon.

PS: Thanks for all the feedback on the new generation of CoPilot apps. Please keep letting us know how we can further improve so we can give you the very best navigation experience: