Don’t forget to pack your CoPilot travel essentials

Plan, pack and drive this spring. You know where your journey will go, but did you remember to pack your CoPilot travel essentials? Make sure you pack these CoPilot travel essentials before you start your journey.

1) Safety Camera Updates
With safety cameras activated you will drive safely abroad and at home. Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you have the latest safety camera update installed. To download, activate your WIFI and go to MyCoPilot > News & Updates. If there is a safety camera update available, it will show up in the list. Select “Install” and you’re ready to go*.Photo 09-03-2016, 11 33 43

2) Sunglasses
We are shameless optimists and hopeful that the weather will be nice all spring long, every day (OK, maybe not in the UK). Since the sun is still quite low at this time of the year, pack your sunglasses to avoid glare and look cool.sunglasses-384567_1920

3) Maps
Whether you will drive to another country for a sunny spring trip or whether you will visit family and friends, make sure you have the necessary maps packed. Go to MyCoPilot > My Maps > Europe/North America and check if you have all the regions/countries you need downloaded. You can purchase additional map regions at MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades.Photo 10-12-2014 1 52 47 pm

4) Battery Charger
You’re on the road, the sun is shining and the view out of the window is just great. But, oh no! Your phone gives that unmistakeable beep to warn you that the battery is getting low. Please say you packed the phone charger?Photo 30-04-2015 12 38 03

5) Music
What’s a road trip without a little sing-a-long? Make sure you prepare your favourite songs before you get behind the wheel to make your trip memorable.

*Note: Safety cameras are not available in France, Switzerland, USA and Canada.