Beat the Heat: Save your devices from overheating

iPhone-5c-CoPilot-UKAs temperatures rise, devices are at risk of overheating whether trapped in the car or laying outside at the pool or during summer BBQs.

To keep your device functioning properly, follow these simple rules:

Shade is your friend

Avoid using your device in direct sunlight. Opt instead to take a break from the sun and use your device in a nice shady area.

Let it breathe

If you think your phone is slowing down and not able to perform basic tasks, it’s probably started to overheat. Take off any protective case on the device to let the cooler air help lower the temperature.

Use CoPilot offline

We already have your maps and that’s all you need if your phone is beginning to overheat. Go to the Settings > Cellular Data Usage and control your data. Closing all other apps will also help to keep your phone from working too hard and becoming too hot.

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