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Quiz: Which CoPilot Theme Are You?

There are plenty of ways to customize CoPilot to your liking but perhaps the best way to showcase your personal style is choosing the right theme! The easy part is finding them in Settings – > Themes. The hard part is making a choice.

To find the best free theme matching your personal style, take this simple quiz:

Besides CoPilot of course, the app you use the most is:

A)  QR Barcode Scanner

B) Twitter, FB, Tumblr … hold on, let me update my status that I’m taking this quiz.

C) HuffPo or BBC

D) Plants vs Zombies

The one show you absolutely cannot miss is:

A) Mythbusters

B) Real Housewives of Anywhere

C) Mock the Week

D) The Walking Dead

It’s the weekend! We can find you at:

A) Home.

B)  A party!

C) Book Club

D) Walking my neighbourhood … in costume.

Mostly A’s: You’re Neon Rain – a power user who likes their designs like they like their technology – sleek, modern and dynamic!


Mostly B’s: You’re Cherry Pop – the center of attention and life of the party! Your personality is bright and bold – just like this skin!


Mostly C’s: You’re Limonade – people probably find you sophisticated, refreshing and a bit of a know-it-all.


Mostly D’s: You’re Halloween- maybe we should have a talk…


Hope you enjoyed the little quiz and found a theme you like! While browsing the themes, you also may have found our awareness theme, designed to support the Breast Cancer Awareness cause by turning your CoPilot pink.


Our Android and iOS customers wishing to support the cause are able to do so by downloading our pink Awareness theme via in-app purchase for £ 0.69 / € 0,89 / 0.99 US dollars in “Settings” -> “Themes” -> “Awareness”

We will donate the net proceeds to Breast Cancer Care and we will be sharing the donations in (US net proceeds go to National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. )

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  1. JeniSkunk
    Posted December 15, 2013 at 8:58 pm | Permalink

    What theme are you, when none of the possible answers in each section comes even remotely anywhere near accurate?

  2. Mike Gough
    Posted December 20, 2013 at 7:07 pm | Permalink

    I Hate ALL the current themes…. I much prefer the former RED theme until the recent upgrade….PLEASE can we have the OPTION for the Old theme as it’s much nicer and kinder on the eyes than this lighter screen crap

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