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CoPilot GPS Android update is here!

android copilot gpsHello Androidians! Our latest version of CoPilot Live sat nav is now available as a free update also for Android CoPilot GPS through Google Play (and web link download for our web store customers).

This latest app update brings new features, FREE updated street maps* and greater integration with the Android operating system. We have also made a variety of improvements to the app based on the detailed feedback and ideas you’ve sent us through our forum and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter & G+) – thank you!

What’s new in v9.3:

FREE MAP UPDATE*: the latest NAVTEQ street maps! How to update the maps?

GOOGLE SEARCH: CoPilot’s Local Search is now powered by Google

ANDROID INTEGRATION: Navigate to an address in an email

MINIMIZE COPILOT: using device Back button

NEW INFO DISPLAY: including Current Road

THEMES: 4 new free colour schemes**

DRIVE FOR A CAUSE**: a paid theme in support of Breast Cancer Awareness (profits to charity)*

IMPROVED ACTIVETRAFFIC™: redesigned status bar and map (paid subscription feature)

BACKGROUND NAVIGATION:  Voice directions while using other apps

**Available for customers who have upgraded to full voice-guided 3D navigation

Thank you again for your feedback and support – we would love to hear more ideas in ourcommunity forum! Also, please do join our Facebook page, add us in your circle in G+ and follow us in Twitter for the latest news and updates. We wish you a wonderful autumn and hope you enjoy our latest version app and the updated maps!


*Note: the free map update will be available via app updates to our CoPilot Live Premium and CoPilot GPS apps for iOS and Android during September and October 2012. The availability of individual apps will vary by region. CoPilot Live v8 customers need to switch to CoPilot GPS in order to get the map update. Excludes CoPilot Truck apps.

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  1. Daniel
    Posted October 17, 2012 at 3:48 pm | Permalink

    i can’t download a romanian voice to guide me.what i can do?

  2. Noli
    Posted October 17, 2012 at 11:41 pm | Permalink

    It’s great that you’ve now got clear route on the first menu screen when in navigation mode. However, the confirmation to, “Clear Your Destination?” [Yes/No] still bugs me.

    99% of the time it’s what I wanted to do so an extra button press isn’t worth it. I’d rather just reset a route for the 1% of times I hit yes accidentally (in fact I don’t think this has even ever happened for me).

    Could you maybe include an *option* in a settings menu to turn off this confirmation please? Then those who like it can leave it on as default but those like me who find it irritating would at least have the option to disable it.

    Also, when no route is set, I am very often very likely to shut down the app (not minimise but shut down) as I am nearing home for example. Instead of having to press 2 buttons to get to a (tiny!) shut down button, why not just have a large (semi) transparent shut down button on the main map view when no destination is set? This way we can quickly and easily get out of the app (and therefore turn off gps to save battery) well before home for example. Just exiting the app is hassle at the moment… (I know I can just press the ‘home’ button anytime but it then runs in background and keeps the set route, neither of which I want).

    /suggestions rant over/ :)

    Good stuff overall though – really like that you keep refining the software!

  3. philip mcleod
    Posted April 3, 2013 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    hi!,can you tell me if i can download Copilot to my phone which is a samsung galaxy ace?,

    • Pauliina - ALK
      Posted April 4, 2013 at 9:45 am | Permalink

      Hi Phillip, yes :) CoPilot is compatible with Samsung Galaxy ace.

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