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How to use CoPilot Live Premium with Apple Maps in iOS 6

Since Apple released iOS 6 there’s been an avalanche of criticism of its most significant new feature: Apple Maps. There’s probably not a great deal we can add to the masses of opinion on the blogosphere other than it just goes to show the extent to which we’ve come to take maps on our phones for granted. As the song goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

However for us, there’s one particular aspect of Apple Maps that we really like: that’s the ability to launch other apps for directions. We’ve implemented this in our latest 9.3 version of CoPilot Live Premium for iOS, so now you can find a place using Apple Maps and then navigate there using CoPilot.

Here’s how:


1) Start Apple Maps, enter a destination and select the ‘Bus’ icon at the top of the screen




2) Press ‘Route’. You’ll now see a list of ‘Routing Apps’. If you have CoPilot Live Premium installed it will be displayed in the top section of the page.



3) Press the ‘Route’ button that’s displayed alongside CoPilot.




4) Hey presto! Your CoPilot Live app will start and your trip will be transferred straight into the My Route screen. You can select Alternates, drag the route, watch a preview and change the routing options as usual. Or you can simply select OK and start navigating. CoPilot will now guide you to your destination with on board mapping and turn by turn voice guidance!

Reminder: This routing functionality within Apple Maps is available for all devices running iOS 6, not just the iPhone 5.

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  1. Greg
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    Can you enable Routing Apps access for Copilot GPS


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  • By ניתוח אף כאבים on December 7, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    ניתוח אף כאבים…

    … ניתוח אף – אבל, אם נבדוק את הענין הזה בטח נבין שכל אחד מרגיש פגום בגלל בעיה פיזית כזאת או אחרת. אחת ההחלטות החשובות והקריטיות ביותר אותם תצטרכו לקבל טרם הניתוח אם לא ניתן לעצב את מבנה האף … How to use CoPilot Live Premium with Apple Maps in iOS 6…

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