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How to keep moving in London this summer

Just 4 months to go from today until the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. So far preparations for the sporting events themselves appear to be going very smoothly. However, in typical style, the british media has been hunting for negatives, with ticket allocation, legacy use of the main stadium and anticpiated traffic congestion all regularly in the critics sights.

For us, although we absolutely hope that the traffic chaos in Central London that some are predicting won’t happen, the widespread introduction of temporary road restrictions will certainly have an impact of some kind. Whether it be gridlock, or even empty roads as drivers avoid the area altogether, the introduction of VIP/Athelete-only lanes on some of London’s busiest routes will certainly disrupt the normal vehicle flow.

Quite simply, no one actually knows how the traffic is going to be, so we are taking steps to ensure that CoPilot Live is fully equipped to help drivers navigate as efficiently as possible.

Firstly, we will be introducing a new feature to CoPilot Live Premium via a free update in July which will provide a warning if your route includes roads within the Olympic Route Network (ORN). You’ll have the choice to find an alternative route if one is available.

Secondly, our ActiveTraffic service will reflect temporary road closures and the actual real-time speed of traffic throughout London on a choice of 3 routes, so you’ll be able to choose the fastest way to go on the day. Of course, those drivers eligible to use the ORN will be able to favour these roads automatically!

The debate about the Olympic Legacy, the overall cost of the games and ticketing will undoubtedly continue. Let’s just hope the press doesn’t forget to celebrate as the world’s greatest sporting spectacle comes to the world’s greatest city this summer.

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