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Top Tip – Using Wikipedia Places

Wikipedia is easily one of the world’s most visited websites and it doesn’t look like its popularity is likely to diminish anytime soon. Besides being the peoples own encyclopaedia, more location-based information is being added all the time… So why not have its  services available within your navigation? CoPilot Live thought it was time to integrate it with your Sat Nav.

Using CoPilot Live Wikipedia Places helps you seek out the history, quirks and POIs that surround you. It is designed for easy search, navigation and display of Wikipedia entries. Not only is this a great tool for everyday use but it is especially useful for traveling when you want to be more informed about different destinations.

How to access Wikipedia Places In the Main Menu>More>Tap Nearby Wikipedia Places.

This will display a list of all nearby locations. You can also click Map on the upper right hand side to get a  visual display of all the Wikipedia locations in the area. To show them in a listing form again, simply tap List.Select the Wikipedia Place you want to visit. This will bring up the Wikipedia article for that particular location. Tap Set Destination and then GO to navigate there.

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