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Tips and Tricks: Directions View in CoPilot Live Premium

Ever since we launched our first version of CoPilot, one of our primary navigation  modes has been Driver Safety view – where a map is only displayed near a turn. The aim is to help you keep your eyes on the road by reducing screen clutter and only giving you turn information when you need it.

Since we launched CoPilot Live Premium, some customers have asked us whether this is in the new app. The good news is yes, it is still there - and even better than before.

It’s now called ‘Directions View’ and ideal for the CoPilot Live driver preferring simple, visual and text instructions.

You can enable Directions View by pressing the on-screen shortcut menu and selecting “Directions”.

Simplicity does not mean a lack of choice though. New to our Premium apps is the ability to switch between one of two views: your next turn in full screen or a list of the next several turns in itinerary format. To switch between these views, simply press the turn arrow box in the lower section of the driving screen.

You can also choose how close to a turn you would like to see the map. Just go to Menu > Settings > Map Display > Show Map in Directions View.

And if Directions View becomes your preference, you can set it to NEVER show the map. Users of iPad and Tablet versions of CoPilot Live Premium can further customise their view by displaying a map and a Directions screen simultaneously.

Full directions and no compromise.

While running CoPilot Live Premium in Directions mode, you can still receive full Text-to-Speech turn instructions, speed limit display and Safety Camera alerts*. Your ETA, distance to destination or other information will continue to be displayed in the info boxes in the left and right side of the screen. If you miss a turn, CoPilot will recalculate a new route in the usual way.

You can of course switch-back to the map view from the shortcut menu whenever you like.

In short, we’ll get you there your best way – in 2D, 3D or through simple, visual Directions view.


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  1. Stephen Phillips
    Posted August 4, 2011 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

    Of course, this is all predicated on getting the thing to work, which I can’t. I’ve filed a support message but no one has bothered to get back to me.

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