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The holidays begin, busy roads to follow.

With the school holidays just beginning, the London Evening Standard has a timely reminder concerning the potential road misery awaiting UK motorists as the annual summer migration to the coast, the country or airport gets underway.

While keeping 14 million drivers moving presents a challenge in itself, users of CoPilot Live have access to a variety of useful technology that may make that transition from work to play just that little easier.

Some homework can pay dividends in reducing your time in-car and with crowded roads to popular destinations almost a given, then a more circumspect route than the obvious may prove useful.

The Alternate Routes feature in our new CoPilot Live Premium smartphone app provides up to three ways of getting you to your destination. Journey time and distance for each route are calculated and displayed to help you decide the way that’s best for you, while detailed mapping provides a visual reference. Select the route that suits your pace,  or simply use the ‘Drag’ route function to customise your routing all the more.

 Are we there yet?

Answer that perennial question from the back seat with confidence with our ActiveTraffic™ service. Available as an in-app, 12 month subscription purchase, ActiveTraffic continuously monitors the real-time traffic speeds along your route and the impact on your estimated time of arrival. If a severe delay is detected then it will check for an alternative, faster route, so you can relax knowing that you’ll be taking the best way to your holiday.

If you do still end-up in a jam, CoPilot Live’s useful Detour feature also helps you find a way around it  – in short we’ll do our best to help you keep moving in the right direction this summer and keep your patience!







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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Posted July 23, 2011 at 2:23 pm | Permalink

    “in short we’ll do our best to help you keep moving in the right direction this summer and keep your patience!”

    Well, you’re certainly testing MY patience with the bug-ridden version 9 and lack of information about when any updates are coming.

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