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CoPilot Live Tips and Tricks – The Detour facility

 With the partial closure of the M1 bringing a certain degree of traffic chaos to North London over the weekend, we thought it would be timely to remind CoPilot users about the ‘Detour’ facility in CoPilot Live v8.

 This handy feature allows you to either pre-plan a detour on a pre-determined journey or select a detour if the chosen route suddenly becomes unavailable.

 To use ‘Detour’, select:

 Menu > Detour > Alternate Route to keep you moving once your journey is underway.

 Alternatively, if you want to ensure that a particular road is not selected as part of your travel itinerary go to:

 Menu > Avoid Roads.

 If you’re planning to do any major motoring over the coming bank holidays, remembering that  there’s an alternative route may help your fuel bill and patience!

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  1. gaz
    Posted April 24, 2011 at 11:48 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I had a similar deal recently when the Road God decided to close a few junctions on the M25. I tried Detour and Avoid but Co-Pilot was hell bent on sticking me back on the M25 precisely where it was closed. Admittedly you can’t blame it as it doesn’t really have any ‘understanding’ of junctions on motorways.

    Any chance that you guys could ‘give’ it a clue so that people like me aren’t seen screaming at their phone screens for no apparent reason.


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