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Our Christmas gift to you – A Free European Map Update!

Which new feature would you most like in CoPilot Live v8? It’s a question we posed in the latest poll on our blog site and Facebook page. And the overwhelming response? New maps for CoPilot Live v8.

Well, we’ve listened. And as our early Christmas gift to our CoPilot Live v8 customers, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve a free map upgrade available for our users of European maps on Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone/iPad!

Working with our European map partner NAVTEQ, the update brings the most accurate street maps, just in time for Christmas travel.

Our Christmas gift to you includes:

- The latest updates for motorways, major and minor roads

- Updated sign, lane assistance and  real view ClearTurn™ information

- Thousands of updated Points of Interest

- The latest Safety Camera** database

Contacts Navigation for Android

In addition to the free European map update, customers running CoPilot Live v8 on many Android devices will also receive an additional service – the ability to navigate to a contact from their phone’s address book. – A convenient way to enter a destination to visit friends and friends. This feature requires Android OS v.2.2 “Froyo” and above.

CoPilot Live v8 – It’s the better way ahead this Christmas.

How to get your map down load.

iPhone customers.

The map update will be included in the next CoPilot Live app update through iTunes which will be available to download shortly.

Windows Mobile and Android  customers click here.

** In countries where it is available

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  1. Lammert Wijnsma
    Posted December 17, 2010 at 2:42 am | Permalink

    It’s a beautyfull geste thank you very much, and I wish you a nice Christmas and a happy New Year!!

  2. Neil H
    Posted December 17, 2010 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    True, it appears that CoPilot are finally supporting the user base beyond the iPhone/Pad or Android only user base where most work on updates appear to go. So we have a new version for win mobile, still no QWERTY keyboard though. Map update, I think that is brilliant…. or would be if I haven’t tried 3 times to upload it. only for it to state that there was a transfer error, check if my card or device is connected. Now the file has been downloaded and extracted according to the progress within Central but I can’t find it on my computer to manually move it across and I’m damned if I’m wasting time and my download limits on trying again. Disgruntled!

  3. Daniel
    Posted December 17, 2010 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    “To get the latest CoPilot Live software for your Windows Mobile phone:
    - Select Get Updates.
    - In the Software section, select the CoPilot Live v8 Pocket PC update checkbox.”

    I have no checkbox, Version, it means Software Update check completed but no new version is shown. What can I do?

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