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CoPilot Live appears on the Gadget Show

It was great to see CoPilot Live make a TV appearance in the UK last night on The Gadget Show.

CoPilot was the only smartphone navigation product to get a mention in their top 5 sat nav round-up, alongside several dedicated devices. The focus of the segment was on our Live Link location-sharing feature.

UK viewers can check out the programme right here. (The sat nav feature starts at about the 15 minute mark)

Gadget Show Episode 16

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  1. Christian
    Posted November 16, 2010 at 2:33 pm | Permalink


    Was great to see copilot on the show. I’m a regular user of the product on my HTC Desire.

    I was wondering when you will be adding the ability to pick contacts as destinations.


  2. Craig Price
    Posted November 17, 2010 at 2:56 am | Permalink

    Well if you are going to try and use the free publicity, at least have the honesty to publish the FIVE websites full findings, as a customer who previously got fobbed off by your support team when I complained of poor battery life who said it must be my phones battery, thats now officially rubbish as a work colleague also has a brand new iPhone 3GS and she too cannot complete a long journey with co-pilot, even when on a car charger like mine her phone simply can’t charge fast enough for the amount of power that co-pilot requires, terrible software!

    Now we see that according to FIVES website review

    “If you don’t plan to visit London, Birmingham or any of Europe’s other major cities, this could be a good-value purchase. You MUST get an in-car charger if you want to also use your iPhone for, you know, making phone calls and the like, but battery massacring aside it’s a solid performer on motorways, autobahns and country lanes. In cities it simply can’t cope. ”

    They describe also describe co-pilot as a “battery vampire”

    The fact is, based on price and before testing properly (stupid me!) I recommended this product to a work colleague, unfortunately she too is now suffering the same problems as me, do everyone a favour an either improve your software so that the battery requirements are at least low enough so that it works when on a car charger, if you can’t then stop jumping on the iPhone Apps band wagon and selling something which simply isn’t ‘fit for purpose’, I now wonder what trading standards will make of this?

    I’m sure you won’t allow this to be published, it’s far too truthful and accurate an opinion… shame on you …

    Craig Price

    • Tim Sergent // Marketing & Communications Manager
      Posted November 18, 2010 at 4:19 am | Permalink

      Hi Craig

      Sorry to hear about you and your colleague experience with CoPilot Live. For in-car use we always recommend the use of a charger, especially over any significant distance.

      If you’re running iOS4 on your 3GS the latest update includes a setting to switch off connection to the GPS when leaving the app. This can be found in Menu > Settings > Background Navigation and will also contribute to power conservation.

      With iOS4’s multi-tasking ability, ensuring that applications are switched off completely will also save on battery life. Here’s our blog article about this issue:

      Best regards

      Tim Sergent

      • Craig Price
        Posted November 18, 2010 at 8:05 am | Permalink

        Thanks for the reply Tim, however unfortunately as I said in my posting, both of us have in-car chargers which are being used and I have already used the background navigation setting, none of this helps whatsoever.

        I a nutshell as I posted before, your software uses the battery so badly that even when the iPhone is being constantly charged by the in-car charger, the phone still ends up completely flat because the in-car charger cannot provide as much power as your app requires ever minute, so gradually the phone loses it’s charge until it switches off.

        As I said, this isn’t unique to me, this happens to numerous people, so in short your app doesn’t work on a long journey…

        I think you need to go back to the drawing board and stop selling it until it is capable of doing the job required instead of simply blaming the iPhones battery which is the response your support team instantly jump to.

        As I have also said previously, my phone works with many highly intensive apps and games without the same problems caused by copilot, as does my colleagues, so it’s definitely your software at fault.

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