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Today’s Tip – CoPilot Live Back up

Its an all too common phenomenon. You go to switch on your PC and…nothing. Its at this point you make a mental list of all the files. pictures and music you may have lost forever. While there are some diligent users out there, a recent survey concluded that more than 81% of home PC users fail to back up their files regularly.

So, if you lost your smartphone or if your home computer were to crash, have you got CoPilot Live and your other Apps backed up.

Here are some tips for keeping your navigation at least:

CoPilot Live for iPhone

By default, all your apps are automatically backed up in iTunes on your computer.  It’s then very easy to create a backup CD or DVD of them. Just insert a blank CD or DVD and follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes. As you can’t re-download apps that you’ve purchased from the App Store again if you lose them,  we recommend making a backup from time to time. Further instructions can be found on the Apple Support site:

CoPilot Live for Windows Mobile/Android

If you’ve bought CoPilot Live from our webstore, you can re-download the software at no additional charge (use the download link in your order email), though we’d recommend you still make a backup of your favourites. You can do this by simply copying the Favourites.lst file from the microSD card to your computer’s hard drive or on to DVD. You can also use Central 2.0 to create a backup. Download the latest version of Central 2.0 for free from

Click: Explore My CoPilot> Backup my CoPilot.

We hope this helps prevent you from losing your CoPilot Live - and becoming lost without it.

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  1. les glen
    Posted September 26, 2010 at 1:25 pm | Permalink

    i am trying to get this software onto my computer but have had no luck,i bought it as an upgrade from an older version but when i have downloaded the pack it does not include the 2577 folder which must have the start up file on it,can please anybody help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am using a htc desire with froyo 2 software and version 8 copilot

  2. Kevin
    Posted July 7, 2011 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    I’ve seen how long it is since you’ve posted this and it appears that Customer Service doesn’t want to help. I’ve been getting much of the same from Customer services (or lack of) and am getting increasingly disillusioned with ALK. They want to take your money and when you report any software bugs they don’t seem to be interested or in my case remove the feature. They then don’t tell you that they’ve removed the feature until you load the next update and then don’t give you access to the old software.

    They are going the same way as Tom Tom – it’s a shame really. I’ve going over to Google Navigator. It’s free forever, it’s updated for free and has the same features.

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