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Today’s Tip – ways to solve iPhone GPS reception issues

iPhone 4GPS has been a standard feature of iPhone since the launch of iPhone 3G, however it’s been widely reported that GPS reception on the iPhone can sometimes be frustratingly slow. There are a number of factors that may affect performance, including (but not limited to) where the device is located in-vehicle, memory in-use, network reception  and even how recently the device was last syncronised with iTunes.

Over the past year we have spent hundreds of hours testing the different iPhone models and working with customers to identify ways to improve GPS performance.

If you’re experiencing GPS connection issues, there are some pratical steps you can take that may help:

* Make sure that your iPhone has a clear view of the sky.

This may sound obvious but firing-up CoPilot Live with a clear view of the sky will help to get a GPS fix more quickly – especially when in a built up area.

* Ensure that the iPhone’s Location Services are switched on.**

Again, seemingly obvious, but if you’ve accidently said ‘No’ to the ‘CoPilot Live would like to use your current location’ message then CoPilot Live simply will not be able get a GPS fix. Happily you can fix this by adjusting Location Services on your iPhone

On the iPhone, go to:

Settings > General > Location Services.

Make sure that the Locations Services switch is set to ‘ON’ Also, look for CoPilot in the list of apps below and make sure that it’s switch is set to ‘ON’ too.

* Use an in-car windscreen mount.

Customers report that iPhone GPS reception can be improved by securing the phone in-car using a windscreen mount. This will also maintain constant line of sight to the sky.

CoPilot Live is also compatible with some 3rd party GPS-enabled iPhone car kits which enhance the handsets GPS reception.

* Take your iPhone out of its case.

Some customers have reported that iPhone cases can sometimes interfere with GPS reception. You may wish to try removing the case while using the iPhone for navigation, protecting the device in a secured mount.

* Make sure you have a mobile internet connection.

Although CoPilot Live’s maps are stored on the phone, the device may need to use the mobile Internet to acquire an initial GPS fix. If you’re abroad, you may need to briefly enable data roaming on your iPhone. Once you have a GPS fix, you can then switch-off the data roaming connection.

* Synchronise your iPhone with iTunes regularly.

It’s advisable to do this anyway to keep your iPhone current with the latest CoPilot Live updates. However, there is also  anecdotal evidence that this can improve GPS performance

*Power off your device.

If you are still unable to get a GPS fix within 5 minutes, try powering off your iPhone by holding the power button down then swiping the red POWER OFF bar to the right. Then switch the phone back on and try again.

*Uninstall and re-install CoPilot Live on your iPhone.

Finally, If you have tried all of the above and are still encountering difficulties, completely uninstall CoPilot Live from your iPhone and re-install it through iTunes. If problems persist and you are unable to acquire a GPS fix, then there may be a issue with your phone’s hardware and we would recommend contacting Apple.

We hope this is helpful. If you have any additional recommendations to improve iPhone GPS performance, please feel free to share them!

**The ability to set CoPilot Live manually to on independent of the main LBS switch is only for iOS4

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  1. Jose Luis Lopez
    Posted September 7, 2010 at 2:37 am | Permalink

    It would be much more useful if you could suggest how to fix the “not enough memory for TTS voice” so many people have with ios 4.0 and copilot 8… even after a fresh reboot.

  2. HR
    Posted January 7, 2012 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    I read through all your instruction above. Thank you. Please advise how to uninstall and install copilot via itune as i can not get fix on GPS in recent months on my iphone-copilot8. it used to be ok when i bought but now even does not talk to me anymore? thanking you.

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