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Today’s Tip: How can I change my CoPilot Live ID Email Address?

We often hear from CoPilot Live v8 customers who have forgotten their CoPilot Live ID password or who would like to change their CoPilot Live ID email address.

CoPilot Live ID is your unique account reference that enables you to activate your CoPilot Live v8 software, access CoPilot Live v8’s LiveLink location sharing service and also (if you choose) to stay informed about CoPilot Live news, software releases and updates.

CoPilot Live ID Password Reminder

You will have created a password when you first installed your CoPilot Live v8 app. If you’ve forgotten your password (don’t worry we’ve all been there!) you can have a reminder emailed to you as follows:

Go to the CoPilot LiveLink web site: and click on “Forgotten Password”

Enter your CoPilot Live ID email address, and we will send a password confirmation to that email address.

Please note if you change your password, you will need to change it in CoPilot Live on your device as follows:

1) Start CoPilot Live on the device



Change your CoPilot Live ID Password

You can also change your CoPilot Live ID password by logging in to the CoPilot LiveLink web site with your CoPilot Live ID email address and current password. Once you’ve logged-in, simply select ‘My Account’, enter your new password and select ‘Save’.

Changing your CoPilot Live ID email address

If you are using CoPilot Live v8 on a Windows Mobile or an Android device, then this is a straight forward procedure that you can do via CoPilot Central 2.0 on your PC. We recommend downloading the latest version of CoPilot Central 2.0 from here.

To change your email address, follow these steps:

1) Open CoPilot Central 2.0, and log in using your current CoPilot Live ID email address



4) Change your Email Address

Important: once you’ve changed your ID email address or password


Please note that once you’ve changed your CoPilot Live ID email address or password, you will need to change it within the CoPiLot Live navigation app to access CoPilot’s Live services in future. If you are using LiveLink location sharing you will need to change the login details on your device.

You can do this as follows:

1) Start CoPilot Live on the device

2) Menu > Live Services > LiveLink > Options > Account Settings > Edit

Your device will then be ready to connect.

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