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Drive safely abroad this summer with CoPilot Live

A change of scene – whether its a beach, poolside or somewhere far from the crowds, the ultimate point of a holiday is to….relax. Unfortunately, driving abroad can prove to be the exact opposite. Strange car, different road rules and signs. Just getting out of the airport car park can prove a challenge. Consider then the advantages of having CoPilot Live at your side. With familiar menu settings, reassuring  turn-by-turn instructions in a language you understand, lane assistance and speed limit alerts, CoPilot Live will provide you with all the directions you need while you keep your eyes safely on the road ahead.

And with CoPilot Live on your phone, you can avoid the recent hire car ruse of hiring a dedicated personal device locally,  conveniently sidestepping astronomical charges – and the worry of its loss at any time during your stay.

Remember, CoPilot Live is free to use when travelling at home or a abroad as it uses maps stored on board your phone and not the mobile internet for guidance.

 So wherever you go summer, travel with confidence and relax!

 Check out our Facebook page for special deals on CoPilot Live and additional maps for all platforms. Where has CoPilot Live taken you this summer? Send us a link. We’ll award a prize to the most exotic/entertaining.

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