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Should Apple and Microsoft be Android Paranoid?

With the noise surrounding the launch of iPhone 4 and growing anticipation at the prospect of the first shipping devices running Microsoft Windows Phone Series 7, you could be forgiven for thinking that very little had changed in the world of mobile operating systems.

Except for the small matter of 886% growth of mobile phones sold world-wide on Google’s Android platform in the last quarter, as reported recently by Canalys.

 It seems almost by stealth, but the rampant growth of smartphones running Android OS is becoming  the biggest mobility story of the year – and to think little more than 12 months ago, the smartphone landscape was rather different.

 You can have that one – or that one

Dialing-back a year, the choices for consumers wanting a cool touchscreen device were relatively limited; you could have either the iPhone 3GS, HTC’s HD2 or HTC Hero.

Since then the range of smartphones has grown substantially, with Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG entering the field with their variants on the Android theme.

And HTC, not content with its stable of Windows Mobile offerings, now has a dazzling portfolio of Android devices to which new ones seem to be added daily.

But arguably it’s Samsung, with its Galaxy S that has launched the fiercest Android rival to iPhone in the desirable handset stakes. With its Super AMOLED 4” screen and slim design, it gives even the most ardent of iPhone fans pause for thought.  

With such a vibrant array of Android devices – and much more promised leading into the crucial build up to Christmas, Apple looks almost pedestrian by comparison, with launches of just iPhone 4 and iPad, while Microsoft may have found the world has moved on significantly by the time Windows Phone Series 7 begins shipping.

From our perspective, we welcome the launch of any device which gives consumers more choice – and it remains our constant challenge to provide the very best on-board satellite navigation experience across a range of platforms and their flagship devices.

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  1. Clive Sinclair
    Posted August 13, 2010 at 6:49 am | Permalink

    I think the iPhone v Android v Windows Mobile battle is more like Apple (desktop) v Microsoft v Linux.

    Linux users, geeks or Apple haters will go for for Android. Apple fanboys, Mac users or anyone who has to have the latest ‘IN’ phone will go iPhone.

    Any Windows Mobile phone released, will go the same way as previous models – a very small niche market – where the owners claim it is wonderful – even though everyone knows it’s rubbish – Windows can never be ‘cut down’ enough to work on a phone successfully.

    So what about Nokia… well the people who have bought Nokias and are the same as Nokia themselves – they are stuck in a rut and know no different. Sure they have improved and got multimedia and connectivity, but they really haven’t produced anything radical for years – a case of they have already rested on their laurels. Think of all the phones sold and used by businessmen in the 90′s before Blackberrys took over.

    What does that leave? Blackberry users. How many people buy Blackberrys for personal use with a BIS package? Exactly – Blackberrys usually come with a company car, laptop, fuel card……

    Me? I like style, integration, reliability and good customer service, with handy high street shops to sort out any problems I might have. They would even provide free training on hardware or software I buy. I don’t even mind if that company controls the operating software strictly – after all, it’s less likely to crash. Now that is a good idea for a business model! I wouldn’t even mind paying a premium for such products/service ;-)

  2. Johnny
    Posted August 16, 2010 at 4:58 am | Permalink

    It’s an interesting development, people actually go looking for Android phones instead of Iphone’s, that’s a big change, just 6 months ago many would not even consider an Android. “Is it an Iphone?..I need an Iphone”

    Myself joined the Android train after being sick of hearing about Iphone, and I can say with a warm heart that I never regret joining “the other side” :)

    Speaking of Android, please update Copilot with Android 2.2 app 2 SD card support :), us HTC Desire users suffers a lot when an application takes 20-25 mb on it’s own.

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