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Get the low-down on the high holiday life with CoPilot Live

Bags packed and passport at the ready? Hire car booked and, naturally, you’ve CoPilot Live on your phone. But as soon as CoPilot Live has got you from the airport to the hotel, it’s job is done, right? Wrong. Once you’ve settled, you’ll want to explore and find those holiday essentials like a store, ATM – or a cool bar – you are on holiday after all!

 With over a million Points of Interest built-in, CoPilot Live can help you locate these and other popular local sites, guiding you in-car and on foot. This means you can spend your valuable time unwinding, knowing your local guide to everywhere is always on hand.

 And because CoPilot Live’s POI database is stored on your phone, it’s totally free to use – no mobile connection required and no extortionate download charges.

 So where ever you end up this summer you can depend on a local expert with CoPiot Live!

Check out our Facebook page for great summer deals on CoPilot Live v8 applications and mapping throughout August.

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  1. Gregor
    Posted August 13, 2010 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    Great promise, I tried this in Wales recently, unfortunately the application had me driving around Oban when I was on the M6. Then it stopped working completely, and even a reinstall wouldn’t sort it.

    I have to say very slow and extremely unreliable.


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