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England – The (long) road to Cape Town

So, in case you hadn’t noticed the 2010 FIFA World Cup is now in full swing, and admitedly, we thought initially that Slovenia was the next team up.

Regardless of the opposition, we’re glad to report that England fans remain optimistic about the Three Lions making it to the play-off stages.

Next up is Algeria in Cape Town, which is a rather substantial 900 miles from the location of the first game (and England’s World Cup HQ) in Rustenburg.

And for those lucky fans who need directions but are unlucky enough not to be using CoPilot Live v8, we’ve produced a turn-by-turn itinerary to get you from Rustenberg to the Green Point Stadium. Click here.

This will be the first time that England have played Algeria in any competition but they have made several previous World Cup appearences. This year they were top of their group in the 2010 African Cup of Nations, beating Egypt in the play-offs to qualify.

 With a squad drawn from players playing regularly in the French league, the could prove tricky opponents for England.

 Here are some little known facts about our African opponents:

  • The Sahara covers more than four fifths of its land mass
  • It became an independent state in 1962
  • It’s national football team are know as the ‘ Les Fennecs’ (‘The Desert Foxes’)
  • Over 90 percent of its inhabitants live along the coast
  • Couscous is the national dish

 Finally, the majority of the ALK Football Pundits Panel were wrong-footed by USA’s “1-1 win” – although congratulations to Christian who actually callled it right (shame you didn’t have a tenner on that btw).

Seems like everyone’s still very optimistic about getting a result this Friday though:

CoPilot Live Pundits Corner – England v Algeria

Matt Senior Development Manager England 2 – Algeria 0
Amit Customer Support England 4 – Algeria 0
Christian Webmaster England 2 – Algeria 1
Riji Product Manager England 2 – Algeria 1
David Marketing Director England 2 – Algeria 0
Helene PR Executive England 1  – Algeria 0
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  1. Kelly English
    Posted June 23, 2010 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    Loving the cup, Go USA. These refs are terrible however.

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