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TechRadar Awards – vote CoPilot Live!

Election fever has come early to CoPilot Live. 

TechRadar is one of¬†the UK’s largest tech sites with just under one million unique site visits a month and we’ve just found¬†out we’ve¬†been nominated¬†for ‘Most Innovative App of the Year’¬†in their newly announced techology¬†awards.

Awards are based purely¬†on votes submitted¬†by site visitors and naturally, we want to impress¬†on such a tech savvy audience all the innovation that we’ve packed into¬†CoPilot Live!

Vote for change – in the way you get directions

We are delighted to have been nominated for this prestigious award. We are up against some other great names, including Facebook and Sky, but we reckon that with a little bit of your help, we could go and win it.

Voting is open now (March 1st) and will be for the next eight weeks. If you would like to vote for CoPilot Live v8, click here.

To quote¬†the time-honoured¬†politician’s plea, we hope we can count on you for your support.

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