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The Evel Knievel Team ‘Flies The Redbull Flugtag’

We have a guest blogger today, the adrenaline junkie (and crazy lunatic) Phil Hatton has penned some words on his adventure in his CoPilot sponsored rocket at the Red Bull Flugtag event at London’s Hyde Park last weekend….

Well before you know it Flugtag was upon us. Six weeks of burning the midnight oil culminated in an early start, setting up the rig in Hyde Park, by the Serpentine.
Forty-one teams arrived, some half ready, some works of Art, some only a mother could love.
The gods were with us and by lunchtime the Evel Knievel Skycycle was in place, benefiting from our rehearsal at Putney Wharf two weeks earlier.The paintwork looked majestic in the days sunshine, and even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth took a jaunt out in her carriage around the magnificent Park!
The set up day turned to night and the organisers put on a little ‘Barn Dance’ for the competitors. But we need not worry that we could not ‘cut the rug Country style’ However, we found comfort in the ‘free bar’ and watched our rivals making shapes for the evening.
‘Flugtag Saturday’ was a different animal. The barriers went up and an almost military operation was put in place. Hopefully to keep the 87,000 crowd in safety, rather than not let us escape! The moral was high, in the aptly named ‘Hangar Lane’ . All the teams banter was good, and the creations all now looked like master craft!
As the countdown began, the first team took to the ramp and almost as quick as they were ‘up’ they were in the drink. This continued on, Judged by the charismatic Danny Baker, Mr Nasty ‘Craig Revel-Horwood’ and the beautiful Carry Grant and ‘super model super car nut’ Jodie Kidd.
Each team shuffled along the runway till it was there turn to ‘take off’. After an hour and a half or so it was our turn.
May be it was the fact that we had to follow the crowd screaming, record busting Cullian Bird team. Who took it among themselves to fly for what seemed miles, that we stalled, well literally. Our mini Harley Chopper had to be pushed over the 13 bus jump in our pre jump performance. And to top that The Rocket Skycycle’s trip was a bit shorter than we hoped. I set The CoPilot to Buckingham Palace. However, I should have set it to St. Marys hospital in Paddington, as my trip was somewhat shorter than wished for. And after a tumble I had to go and get checked over a minor arm injury. That trip was slightly longer.
But in true ‘Evel Style’ I was rewarded a cool scar for my troubles.
Would I do it again, yes in a heartbeat. The moment maybe short but the build and the build up is fantastic. Not even Madonna gets to fill Hyde Park and when you stand on that stage you feel ten feet tall.
As Evel Knievel once quoted, ‘Pain is temporary, Bones heal, Chicks Dig scars but Glory is Forever!’ how true. We sat back to watch the TV coverage and true to form the covering TV company forgot to include us, ‘Sporting effort chaps’ .
But don’t worry Evel fans we have some cool footage of us on the day and we will put it on our events website and bits can be seen on the popular Youtube website and
Well the Rocket is now sitting gathering dust in my back garden, the Evel suit goes into my extensive showbiz wardrobe but the moment lives forever. Our thanks to all at C0-PILOT who gave us the chance to shine I hope we made you laugh. Look in on us from time to time at the events website, I’m jumping a perfectly good Volkswagen ‘Herbie’ through a caravan in August at a motoring event. Here we go again…….
Phil ‘Hollywood ‘ Hatton


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  1. Jessica Carrera
    Posted June 21, 2008 at 1:03 am | Permalink

    We saw the Co-Pilot Rocket at the Redbull Flugtag ,they had the best special effects out of all the entrants. It looked like a real Rocket taking off.It did not fly too far though, but was GREAT fun to watch. Phil (Evel) was perilously balanced on top of the craft and landed on it with a thump, we all hope he is ok.
    On the Big Tv screen and on PA, whilst being interviewed by Tv’s Danny Baker, Evel said they has set their Co-Pilot Sat nav to Buckingham Palace!!!.They must have pressed detour by mistake as they went straight in the Serpentine.
    Still we still love our CO-PILOT , ‘At the end of the runway , take the first exit !!!’

    Jessica x

  2. Jessica Carrera
    Posted July 4, 2008 at 10:09 am | Permalink

    My Co-pilot 7 has missed some speed cameras!!!

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