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Enjoy the Summer Travel: Your FREE App and Map Upgrade is here!

copilot-vanThere’s no better time for our FREE map and app update than summer! This time we have decided to focus on the essentials: the things that really matter to you.

This is why our 9.6.2 update brings you a FREE Europe and North America map update so you can be sure your offline maps are up to date and reliable, a new feature ActiveRoutes™*, which gives you the best route to your destination based on actual road speeds, PLUS improvements and fixes, which will make your experience with CoPilot apps even smoother. We want you to enjoy your drive as much as your destination!

This update is packed with summer travel essentials:

  • FREE North America & Europe Map Update – Whether you’re local or want to travel like a local, you’ll have the most up-to-date accurate maps guiding you. No more data roaming, hidden speed limits, or weird street signs – navigate home and abroad securely and stress-free! Discover why our offline maps matter>
  • Even More Accurate Routing  - ActiveRoutes™*compliments our ActiveTraffic service, calculating the best route to your destination based on actual road speeds at the time of day you’re travelling. Drive smartly, avoid those holiday jams, and enjoy the drive.
  • New CommuteMe™ Time Settings  - When you’re not on holiday/vacation, you still need to get to work on time. How CommuteMe works> 
  • NEW India Maps ** - Traveling to India?  Now you can download the complete street-level offline map before you go. All additional map regions are available in via in-app purchase in MyCoPilot -> MyMaps in CoPilot GPS and selected Premium applications.
  • Enhanced Motion Lock functionality to keep you safe and not distracted

We hope you like the update! But before you head off to your holidays, remember to upgrade to our freshly updated full offline Europe or North America maps – if you haven’t already – to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad.


Our free app updates for CoPilot Premium and CoPilot GPS iOS, Android and WP8 apps are available immediately (iOS via iTunes, WP8 via Windows Phone Store and Android via Google Play and our web store)

Like the update? Let us know with a review or rating on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store … or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.

Got great ideas or think we could improve? Please do keep us up to date and help us improve the app in our customer forum:

Safe travels!

*Requires ActiveTraffic™ subscription and the latest map update. ActiveRoutes™ is available in Europe and USA & Canada only.
** Available via in-app purchase within CoPilot GPS only
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CoPilot Tips: ActiveRoutes Shows The Best Way To Go

Whether you’re traveling on familiar roads – or the ones you don’t know – one thing is for sure: you don’t want to be stuck in traffic.

Powered by HERE, our new ActiveRoutes™ feature complements our ActiveTraffic™ service and selects the best route for you based on actual road speeds at that exact time of day.

So if you usually take a motorway such as M6 every morning at 8am, but one day you’re running late and won’t get to that road until 9:30am, historically there could be much more traffic at that specific time than usual. Our new feature ActiveRoutes will automatically check the historical speed data and route you to your destination faster by choosing a better way.

To select ActiveRoutes as your preferred routing method, go to Route menu and select Vehicle Preferences

ActiveRoutes  requires a subscription to our ActiveTraffic service. We offer you 12 months free ActiveTraffic when you purchase CoPilot Premium, but it is also available via in-app purchase in Settings > ActiveTraffic -> Buy Now.


We hope you enjoy this feature and would like to thank you again for all your support! We would love to hear more great ideas and feedback from you, so please do keep us up to date and help us improve the app in our customer forum: or come to say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.

We wish you safe – and traffic free – travels!

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Why Our Offline Maps Matter

As we all know, maps are at the heart of any sat nav system, and keeping them up to date is important. This is why we are happy to say we are offering our over 10 million CoPilot Premium and CoPilot GPS users a FREE European map update, to ensure everyone has reliable offline maps wherever they are heading this summer.












How to update your maps> 

High quality maps

To make sure our maps are the highest standard, in Europe we use premium quality maps from HERE, as used by most leading in-car nav systems. You can store maps directly on your device, but you don’t need to download all of the maps at once thanks to our intelligent map management. Once you’ve licensed a region such as Europe, you can manage which regions/countries e/g UK & Ireland you need maps for and save a lot of space on your device.

Learn how to manage your maps>

Enjoy your drive

Offline maps are important because they provide the driver peace of mind – with no data costs to you at home and no data roaming abroad. You have access to all the detailed, street-level maps directly on your device so you can use your navigation offline without having to rely on your mobile network.  So whether you are driving in the Alps without mobile network coverage or have disabled data roaming in Spain, you can relax and simply enjoy driving: CoPilot will guide you offline with full-spoken, turn-by-turn directions along your route.

Enjoy your destination

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! CoPilot apps have thousands of offline points of interest from hotels, restaurants and attractions to car parks, petrol stations and car hire, so you can explore the destination without data roaming.

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our European apps here>

We take pride in bringing you the best routing and maps that any navigation app can offer. For more tips on mapping, routing and our features please visit

Safe Travels!



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CoPilot Tips: Map Management to Save Space

map-update-copilotSummer is made for those very important holiday shots – what would your friends do if they didn’t see pictures of your feet at the beach, delicious plates of food, your kids in the swimming pool, and selfies with a beautiful background? However, all those pictures need space!

We know that storage is precious on any smartphone and tablet, and rather than having to choose between deleting pictures you intend to Instagram or publish in Facebook, let CoPilot give you some much needed space back.

If you have downloaded maps of the whole of Europe or Western Europe, we’ve got some great news for you: you can cut down on some of that storage space with some very intelligent map management.

You don’t actually have to download ALL the freshly updated European maps, but to save precious space on your mobile/ tablet, you can pick and choose just the maps you need.

For example, if you drive from Manchester to Marseille you only have to download maps of UK+IE and France, and if you drive from Berlin to Rome, you only need DACH + Italy regions. After the trip you can delete the maps you don’t need, and enjoy the freed space. Just go to My CoPilot -> My Maps

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our European apps here>

Here’s how to update your Europe maps >

We wish you a wonderful summer with plenty of memories!

Safe travels :)

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Beat the Heat: Save your devices from overheating

iPhone-5c-CoPilot-UKAs temperatures rise, devices are at risk of overheating whether trapped in the car or laying outside at the pool or during summer BBQs.

To keep your device functioning properly, follow these simple rules:

Shade is your friend

Avoid using your device in direct sunlight. Opt instead to take a break from the sun and use your device in a nice shady area.

Let it breathe

If you think your phone is slowing down and not able to perform basic tasks, it’s probably started to overheat. Take off any protective case on the device to let the cooler air help lower the temperature.

Use CoPilot offline

We already have your maps and that’s all you need if your phone is beginning to overheat. Go to the Settings > Cellular Data Usage and control your data. Closing all other apps will also help to keep your phone from working too hard and becoming too hot.

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Before you rent a car – read this.

cool-carIf you are getting ready to book a rental car, few things might cross your mind. Is it big enough to fit all of my luggage and family? Is it a safe and reliable brand? How much petrol does it consume?

What should not be on your mental check list is renting a sat nav with it.

Let’s say you are planning to rent a car for the weekend with the family home or abroad, say Friday to Sunday, the average car rental will cost you about £92.91.

Not too bad so far.

But then  you realize, that you do not know exactly where you’re going, especially when driving abroad. Or how to get from your hotel to the restaurant or to the next destination on your trip. You need sat nav, too.
These days, rental car companies are asking upwards of £13.91 per day for a car equipped with GPS. Need Wi-fi to access map data? That’ll cost you £8.50 per day. You’re also getting on top of it tax, theft protection and damage waivers depending on your insurance.

A simple car rental has already cost you more than £140!

The solution? Cut costs where you can by downloading CoPilot Premium sat nav app! Download your maps onboard your Smartphone and plan your whole route before you leave.  As you won’t need to rent a specific GPS or pay Wifi extras, you can save around £45 on your 2 day journey. Plus, CoPilot Premium is yours for a lifetime once you purchase, so it will save you money also during all your future trips.

Save that money for more important things on your vacation.

Safe Travels!

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CoPilot Travel Tips: Top 5 Destinations in Europe

Summer is here, and our feet are just itching to press down on that gas pedal and drive off on holidays! Sun and beach are a great combination for summer, but there are plenty of other special destinations you can discover on your way to the beach. Here are our 5 top locations for your road trip in Europe, so you can enjoy both the drive and the destination.

Hotel Edelweiss, Mürren, Switzerland

If you are driving in Switzerland, make sure to calculate your route via Hotel Edelweiss in Mürren, Switzerland (46.561743, 7.896873) – park your car, relax and enjoy an amazing view!


Kaysersberg, France

Driving in north-eastern France? Make sure to stop by Kaysersberg (48.138639, 7.264298) – charming!


Bounce Below, Wales, UK

Planning to travel in the UK? Then visit Bounce Below trampoline attraction in caverns twice the size of St Paul’s Cathedral at Llechwedd in Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales (53.004778, -3.942375). There will be three giant trampolines with three metre net walls to stop people climbing out.


Monsanto, Portugal

If you are driving in Portugal this summer, remember to calculate your route via Monsanto (40.035504, -7.113726), voted in 1938 as the “most Portuguese village in Portugal”


Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare, Italy

If you are planning a very – very – special evening out this summer, take your loved one to Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare, Italy (40.996121, 17.221311) – it is a perfect location for that big night out.


We hope you liked the tips and wish you a wonderful summer. But before you head off, remember to download your essential summer travel companion CoPilot sat nav with offline European maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad. Plus for a limited time you can save 10% off the regular price of our Europe sat nav apps.


Safe travels!

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Hot Summer Offer: 10% off CoPilot Europe Maps and Apps!

sale-sat-navSun is shining and summer holidays are approaching! Forget the work, traffic and stress – it is time to get in your car, put on some cool road trip tunes, and enjoy both your drive and your destination! But before you head off, remember to download your essential summer travel companion CoPilot sat nav with offline European maps to avoid roaming costs when navigating abroad. Plus for a limited time you can save 10% off the regular price of our Europe sat nav apps. 


Enjoy your drive

CoPilot’s European apps include premium quality street maps of over 40 different European countries, so wherever you are driving this summer, you can always be sure to find your way in your own language. There is no need to store ALL of Europe on your device though – simply add and remove just the countries / regions you need – when you need them – to save precious space on your mobile.

No more confusing road signs, hidden speed limits or expensive data roaming fees – with CoPilot sat nav on board, you can sit back, relax and simply enjoy the drive.

You can find a complete list of all the countries included in our European apps here

Enjoy your Destination

To ensure you enjoy your holiday destination as much as you enjoy driving, CoPilot apps have as well thousands of offline points of interest from hotels, restaurants and attractions to car parks, petrol stations and car hire. To check out the reviews on the go, you can use our integrated online search with Google™, Yelp and Wikipedia, and with our special Parking wizard you will never lose your car again! You can easily save the location of your car, and navigate back to it with a tap of a button.

Hot Summer Offer: 10% off  CoPilot Europe and Western Europe Sat Nav!

(sale ends on 10 August 2014)


Shop for:
iPhone >

Android >

Shop for:
iPhone/iPad >

Shop for:
iPhone/iPad >

Android >

Got our CoPilot GPS app? We’ve got a great Summer Holiday Offer  for you too:

CoPilot Gps IconCoPilot GPS

Get 10% off Europe in-app map upgrades

Tap MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades


Our CoPilot Premium & CoPilot GPS apps are available on Google Play , the iTunes App Store and the Windows Phone Store.  You can purchase additional map regions via in-app purchase.  Go to MyCoPilot > Features & Upgrades

If you have questions visit us at the CoPilot community forum where we’re always available to help: or say hello on FacebookGoogle+ or Twitter.:)

Wherever you are travelling this Summer, we wish you safe travels from everyone at team CoPilot!


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CoPilot in the news: June 2014

Summer is officially here – which means there’s no better time than to download CoPilot for all of your summer adventures! Don’t believe us? Take a look at these  great reviews of CoPilot from June – thanks for all your support, guys, without you this wouldn’t be possible!


techradarBest sat nav 2014: which navigation option is right for you by James Riverton

“With that in mind, the best current bet for Android could be the CoPilot Live Premium. It’s competively priced at £19.99 for the UK & Ireland version and combines all the usual turn-by-turn niceties with ActiveTraffic and some social networking bells and whistles.”


Great gadgets for Father’s Day by Chelsea Williams

“Lastly is this fab new app from Co-Pilot. This app is a really get sat nav. You can often spend a fortune of getting a sat nav when in actual fact all you need is this app! Who doesnt have a smartphone these days? Co-pilot is not only really easy to use, it is also really clear.”  Read More.


jasonslater-technology-news-logo3App Review: CoPilot Mobile Navigation by Sharon Stringer

“However, we found CoPilot to be well thought out and loaded with features to suit every type of commuter, from an everyday traveller to an inexperienced driver. As such CoPilot has the potential to be your essential travelling companion. CoPilot has a wide range of choices available on the App Store including a free version and a version designed specifically for truckers.” Read More

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Which football team should you really support? Our ranking and results!

football-italia2We are approaching the semi-finals and this year we have surely had plenty of surprises, red cards and penalties! To kick the games off in style, we created a little test for you, so you could check which team you really should be supporting this summer based on your personality and teams’ unique playing style.


We received a lot of responses and we thought it would be interesting to see which teams ranked the highest.

Based on your personality, the teams who should be receiving most support are:

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. England
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Brazil / USA (it’s a draw!)

Among the Italians, the Spanish playing style matched their personality the most, while Germans, French and English got … France! It will be interesting to see whether France will actually win the tournament – they surely are heading to the right direction!

Are you curious to see which team’s unique playing style matches YOUR personality? Good news, the quiz is still online even if the contest itself has ended. Take our short quiz to find out which team you really should be supporting this summer:

Last, but not least, it’s time to announce our contest winner:  Tanti auguri Franco Pugliese! You have won a CoPilot Premium app of your choice and an official Brazil T-shirt for the summer!

Huge thanks to everyone who participated. Stay tuned – there’s more cool stuff coming up this summer.

Safe travels!

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