Leaf Town and Discover Fall!

Fall may not conjure up the same relaxing and idyllic vacation imagery as summer but it looks like this season may be the best time to travel!

With school back in full swing and people refocused for work – no one’s thinking about using their vacation days before the holidays. Which means if you play your cards right, you could be enjoying a crowd-less and serene couple of days!

Right now, CoPilot GPS customers can get 10% off an upgrade to turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation until October 16! Already got the upgrade? Read on for ideas to take your new features on a test drive.

Travel alone

Get the sense of adventure that comes along with a mountain hike. Channel your inner Bear Grylls and take a couple of hours to be alone with Mother Nature. Try one of these destinations:


Multonmah Falls, Oregon

New Haven, CT

Great Smoky Mountains, NC & TN


Family Fun

While other kids are doing things like “learning” and “reading”, take your kids to get some life experience! Disneyworld is at it’s best (and less crowded) during the fall and you can even catch the Halloween decorations!

disney halloween

Group Getaway

Summer can be hectic and crazy so rent a cabin with a group of friends to talk and catch up. Or, head to one of the many fall music festivals around the country to take advantage of cool music in even cooler temperatures.


FunFunFun fest – MGMT, Snoop Lion, M.I.A and more! Austin, TX

Life Is Beautiful – The Killers, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons among others – Las Vegas, NV


Wherever you decide to go, make sure to take CoPilot with you. We love the fall 🙂


Safe travels! – The CoPilot Team


New School, New Town, Same CoPilot

Get ready to get ahead with CoPilot! Back to school doesn’t have to be stressful when you use our feature-rich app to find all the hidden places on campus that you’ll soon call home. Here’s how to make CoPilot work for you this fall:


favorites starFavorites

Once you navigate your way to class, be sure to save the building in your favorites. This will help you avoid typing the address in all over again.




You’re not always going to use that meal plan and luckily for you, CoPilot offers POIs and searches powered by Yelp to help you find some great fare. Use our POIs to find movie theaters, stores and if you’re feeling really studious, a library!


IMG_1776Plan Ahead

CoPilot lets you enter multiple destinations with our Trip Optimization feature which will get you from class to class without getting lost.


IMG_1773Control Your Data

You don’t need your parents calling you every time you go over your data limit! Take charge of your own destiny…and data usage. You can select when and for what CoPilot uses your data.


IMG_1774Share with friends

The best way to make a new friend? Common interests, of course! Share where you are with CoPilot’s Social Sharing and see who frequents the same spots as you. Bond over school spirit at your college’s student store or find a workout pal at the gym!

Helpful Hint: Remember Where You Parked!

After enjoying a great concert or perhaps a long happy hour, it may be easy to forget where you left your car. Luckily, CoPilot can help sort this out.

Once you park your car, you can save the location by going to More > Parking. Once there, simply tap to save this location. You can also leave yourself a note in case you want to remember the price of the garage or what time the meter runs out.


For more information, check out our video demonstration: