Thin (iPad) Air: Apple’s Latest Device Offerings

In its first major redesign of the successful iPad tablet, Apple unveiled its newest addition, the iPad Air. Like the newly released iPhone 5S, the iPad Air has a 64-bit A7 processor and M7 motion coprocessor. It also has a 5-megapixel iSight camera and FaceTime HD front-facing camera and 10 hour battery life. Other iPad Air specs:

  •  Lighter, slimmer version. Weighs only one pound!
  • 10 hour battery life
  • Screen size remains the same – 9.7”
  • Houses the A7 processor chip like the iPhone 5S making it 72x faster than the original iPad


DSC_0619Ready to buy? If you’re looking to run CoPilot on this light Apple slice, you only have a short wait. The Wi-Fi only iPad Air is available on November 1st for $499 and goes up to $629 for a 16 GB version with 4G LTE connectivity.

Also announced was the new iPad mini with retina display and the same processor was the iPad Air and iPhone 5S. The new mini will be available in November with its WiFi only model priced at $399 and the mobile connectivity model for a cool $529.

Both the iPad air and the iPad mini will have fast processing, LTE connectivity and crisp,clear screens. We cannot wait to see CoPilot running on these new devices!

Earlier we talked about Nokia’s latest efforts in the phone and tablet market. We’ll be watching the market closely to see how consumers react to the choices from both Apple and Nokia.

How did you feel about Apple’s big announcement? Surprised? Shocked? Indifferent? Let us know in the comments.

iOS 7 7 Day Quiz Answers and Winners!

In anticipation of iOS 7, we asked our fun Facebook fans to participate in a little quiz.

Congratulations to:

  • Paul Smith
  • Eric Daly
  • Lester A. Norman
  • Jerry Manis
  • Brett Nolan
  • Simon Arnold
  • Gary Zuber

And our grand prize winner,  Steven Rose!

We hope you enjoyed answering all of our Apple themed questions. Here are all the answers and for those that won, congrats and enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Women's City Golf TournamentQuestion 1- iOS fans can take their love of Apple out on the green at the golf course in which country, whose 17th hole is an apple shaped island? A: USA. The Apple Tree Golf Course in Yakima Valley, Washington is located in an apple orchard.

Question 2- This apple is BIG, but not the Big Apple. Which country hosts this huge fruit attraction? A: Canada. Yes, the “big apple” is actually located north of NYC in Colborne, Ontario!

Question 3- Which country invented apple pie? A: Even though there’s nothing more American than apple pie, the US of A can’t claim to have invented it! It’s originally from England with early apple pie recipes dating back to 1381. 

Question 4-Which country is home to the largest Apple Store? A: Amsterdam boasts the biggest space for the famed retailer. The store (the country’s only one!) opened on March 3, 2012 and expands over 11,000 square feet. It also employs over 300 Apple geniuses who speak 14 different languages.  

Question 5- A hotel in which country gave their guests 24-karatgold iPads to use during their stay? A:  United Arab Emirates. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel allowed their guests to use these unique gold plated 64GB iPads, priced at a measly $10,200.

Question 6- America may have Rydell High but which country is home to the Pink Lady, the queen of apples? A: Australia. It was developed in the 1970s by John Cripps in Western Australia. Today, it is still Australia’s favorite apple and is now grown in around 15 different countries and sold across more than 30 countries worldwide

Question 7- Which country is this?  A: USA. That was a screenshot of Central Park in New York City, New York! 

Helpful Hint: Cellular Data Usage

In a world where we can stream movies and music straight to our devices, data usage has become a concern for many users.



We understand that data is a precious commodity among smartphone users. Here at CoPilot, we want you to be able to watch that really cute cat video on YouTube without worrying about our app contributing to your data decrease. Our new connection settings feature allows our users to control how much of their data CoPilot uses while helping you navigate the open road.

You can manage your Cellular Data Usage by tapping Settings -> Cellular Data Usage. Once there, you’ll have the option of enabling your treasurable data only for the services you wish to use. Please remember, when downloading our maps always connect to a WiFi network to avoid data charges.


Need more ways to minimize data? Check out CNET’s HowTo to help manage your data.




CoPilot 9.4.2 Update Has Arrived For Summer

CoPilot 9.4.2 iOS and Android App Update is here!

The new version brings you a free European & US map update, supports Android Swiftkey, introduces a new,  highly requested Just Drive mode and helps you control data usage with an offline switch. copilot-just-drive-iphone4_US

We are so excited to announce our latest update for our iOS, Android Google Play and Webstore customers. Our developers have been programming long and hard to bring you fixes and features.

CoPilot version 9.4.2 includes:

  •  Completely updated European and US Street maps – Follow these instructions to get your maps!
  • NEW! Connection Settings with an offline switch – We’re giving our users an offline switch to help you control your data costs. – abroad and at home. You are able to disallow all data, or choose options to enable and disable. The app also warns you if your mobile switches from WIFI to 3G. Just go to “Settings” -> “Cellular Data Usage” and choose which settings work for you.
  • NEW! Just Drive mode– for all the times your journey has no destination, this mode allows you to drive without a route but still provides you with your location and traffic on your road.copilot-data-settings_galaxy-nexus_US
  • NEW! Closed road notification with ActiveTraffic™– If our traffic feed says there is a closed road on your route we now give an explicit pop-up notifying you about the closed road. The pop-up gives you an option to find an alternative route or close/ignore the pop-up.
  •  Automatic Cloud Backup
  • Updated and corrected Tunnel mode
  •  Swiftkey support for Android
  •   …and plenty of other fixes for both Android and iOS!


Thank you to all of you who have sent us essential feedback, reported issues and shared great ideas to help us make CoPilot great! We’re happy to bring you this latest update and eager to hear your thoughts! Contact us in our user forum to share your suggestions or ideas for app improvements:

CoPilot v9.4.2 is available immediately for Android and will be available for iOS users shortly.

Enjoy the summer season with CoPilot and our new features – happy travels!

CoPilot at WWDC 2013

IMG_20130613_175959_252I was thrilled to attend the World Wide Developer’s Conference this past week in San Francisco, CA on behalf of the CoPilot team. Having never been to a developer’s conference, I wasn’t sure what to expect from WWDC. There is so much to see and do that the event can seem overwhelming. Luckily, you’re surrounded by like-minded people, each one as excited as I was to participate in Apple’s innovative and inspiring conference.



As a developer, I was interested to know the new features and design that Apple had in store and how we could maximize the CoPilot experience in iOS7. It was really cool to learn about the changes firsthand, like the automatic App updates to keep the latest version of CoPilot on your device. Of course, we will continue to provide What’s New information on our blogs and social media for our users to see new features and updates.




Here at CoPilot , we’re excited to dive into all the new APIs available in order to give our iOS users a great experience while using our apps. iOS 7 will be available  in the fall and we can’t wait to see how awesome CoPilot can function within it.

– Alex Weisberger, Software Engineer Extraordinaire


Check out more photos from Alex’s WWDC trip here


Did you attend WWDC? Tell us about your trip in the comments!

CoPilot in the News: January

It’s been another great month for CoPilot. The New Year started with BadElf bringing GPS accessibility to Wi-Fi only devices and another successful MacWorld-iWorld event. We’re on par to have a fantastic 2013 and we hope you are too!

We are very pleased to see the positive reaction to our exciting news this month and we’d like to extend a very special thank you to everyone that took the time to feature CoPilot on their site this month.  As always, we greatly appreciate your support!





Watch here.


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Mens-Health-231x62-logo-1“If you don’t have a megabyte to spare, download the CoPilot GPS. Unlike Waze, this app is usable off the cell-grid. And unlike the downloadable competition, you can load maps by region—slashing the amount of memory the app hogs.”


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“Merging together Bad Elf’s high performance GPS and CoPilot Live’s fully offline maps and routing, consumers can now use their iOS devices to the full potential – all without having to add on additional monthly data charges or require another mobile Internet connection.”

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